Dream House

…It is supposed to be the house of an elderly person who’s either rarely there or rarely outside. The house is small and it’s shape is unusual. Often very ominous and guarded by a small yet rabid dog. The last encounter had a few differences, the most peculiar one is that once you are in front of the house you’ll see a few rows of new houses behind it instead of the woods….

Farm Goblins

…In the next year or two, I had a summer where at night, outside of my second-story window, I saw what I described as an “evil koala” and “scary gorilla” with red eyes. They both seemed to have dark fur that stood out around their faces, and deep-set red eyes, and that’s about all I could really see in the dark. They would press their face close enough to the window that the little bit of light from my bedside lamp would catch their red eyes, and I could see the outline of their shape, because they were darker than the night sky….

Cemetery Time Slip

…I couldn’t find Joe and Marta’s headstones: I remember them being right next to the gate and being incredibly easy to find. I searched for that entire extra hour and never found them, even though they should have been right there, by the main path. Who we did find was my spouse’s great Aunt Alice’s headstone. That was cool because my wedding ring was made with diamonds from her wedding ring….