Graveyard Surprise

My friend and I were up in Hannibal, MO interviewing woman for our paranormal podcast. We were told that the Old Baptist Cemetery in that town was EXTREMELY active. Naturally, we decided to explore it with dowsing rods after the interview. This was at about 9:00 at night in mid December. The wind was blowing with tremendous force. As we started walking, the rods started pointing against the wind….

The Ghost of the Shop

While it is owned by a paranormal team, the first time I went to an event being held here (The event was a talk about past lives and stuff), my husband kept feeling very dizzy in one of the shop rooms. He kept turning around and looking and at one point yelled “quit touching me” and turned to see no-one there.Later, we talked to the shop owner, who said the place was an old doctor’s office and the extension to a boarding home at one point. The owner said she didn’t notice anything the first couple months the shop was opened, but soon her daughter and a shop employee kept talking about a shadowy woman that stood in the corner in one of the rooms….

Haunted Observation Post

…A young woman from the local village, riding a white horse, came up to the squat tower. From her elevated position on the horse she started to talk with him. The were friendly to each other, and when the Airman mentioned some upcoming leave she invited him to tea with her family.The day came, and he went down the lane to their farmhouse. An older woman answered the door, who bore a resemblance to the rider. when the airman asked after the girl he learnt that this was the girls mother. The girls ageing mother stated that she had died falling from her horse two years earlier.He returned to his post the next night, and with his last check-in he claimed he saw her again. She was coming to him. After he failed to respond to his next scheduled check, a unit was sent out. They found him dead….

Undiscoverable Animals

There’s a curious sentence painted into the brick of a Grand Forks alleyway, which has been slowly fading for at least twelve years as of the time of writing this. It reads as follows: “Animals who have escaped man’s sensory organs through means of camouflage are here.” Most of the remainder is illegible, but there’s a bit more at the bottom of the wall: “will return.” One can’t help but feel watched while thinking about those words. They are beyond falsifiability, and remind us that the most well-camouflaged organisms on Earth will never be discovered.

God’s Acre

Drive south from Columbia, into the domain of the Lizard Man, and you will eventually arrive at a spring next to a church on land deeded to God. This is still on the books, as of 2019, and has never been legally disputed. This is a place of overlapping traditions and origins steeped in rumor, the most famous of which involves mortally wounded soldiers returning after being left for dead in its waters.

Arrive today, and you will see the people of the Midlands lined up with gallon jugs at the water’s edge. Sometimes you will find small shrines, and offerings of vegetables. Whatever spirit is here, it is trusted, and has formed relationships with those who come to it….

Andrews Geyser

…While I was gone, a local had walked down to my husband and talked to him about the “weird” in the area. Told him about ghosts and shadow people. None of which we encountered. But then the guy told us about something that struck a nerve. He believed there was a “Rake” trapped in the area, and the Rake was actually a dryad that had grown wicked and warped being trapped in the area. He claimed it was malevolent and a trickster, that it had lured local pets away. It struck me as really weird this dude would walk up and just start talking about all this weird stuff, but then again, I do have a big giant magnet on the side of my van advertising that I’m into paranormal and weird news…