…At the time I had a shaved head but this other me had longer hair. I looked myself right in the face. But the other me didn’t see me. She just kept walking. The main reason I recognized myself is because of the sweatshirt this other me had on. It was a custom made bright yellow crew neck sweatshirt that a friend of mine had made fo me. One of a kind. And there was no way somebody else other than me was wearing it….

Horned Man

…I sat there for a while giving myself a chance to calm down. I felt like I was safe from whatever had just happened, and that it wasn’t going to come after me. I then received a message from a friend of mine extending an invitation to join her and her coven for their full moon ritual. That night was the first time i had ever done ritual magic. And it was the first time I had ever done group magic. I always reference that night as the beginning of my magical practice….

Uncanny Energy Biped

…Then a small, somewhat solid yet still energized in form appeared on the ground; about the size of an adult raccoon. It grew as I watched, to about 6 or 7 feet in height, from what I could tell looking at the spot later. As it reached what seemed full height it still wasn’t solid. It was almost like the black and white screen you get on a tv when it isn’t getting a signal. It was moving energy in a bipedal form….

Hazard Mill

…The area known as Hazard Mills has a strange energy and you have the sense of being watched the entire time. It is a nexus between roads, sandwiched between struggling farmlands to the south and west, and trailerparks and the river to the north and east….

Lodge Energies

…There’s a security camera above the bar and the video it recorded was spooky. The cork board light, according to the camera timeline, might have turned on when a ” V” shaped orb of light was caught on camera entering camera view landing on the bar…