The Gnomestead

There’s a punk house near the evergreen campus in Olympia. Once called the Gnomestead, the property is situated along a semi-rural road, sandwiched between a rock quarry and a stretch of wetland. The the backyard was basically at the edge of a swamp.
I lived here for a year, between summer 2011-2012. While I saw a lot of things that just didn’t make sense, Here’s a few that are easier to describe:…

Meon Hill

…During the ensuing investigation a “celebrity officer” from Scotland Yard called “Fabian” was brought in on the case. He had no luck himself and after h he enquired of locals as to “The owner of the large black dog he had seen in the lanes around Meon Hill” the locals refused to speak to him any more. Since then, there have been other “Black Shuck” sightings and in 1976, a plain perfectly round crop circle was discovered near the base of the hill….

Strange Dreams at Gaines Point

…I must have sat there for only 5 minutes before I dozed off watching the ducks or geese or whatever bird was there. I don’t remember my dreams now, only that they were crazy and weird. At the time I chalked it up to minor dehydration or sleeping in the sunshine or having overly exerted myself. I had never fallen asleep on a park bench before, so that in itself was weird. The fact that I slept hard enough to dream is what struck me as the most unusual at the time….

Ghosts on Campus

The other is more interesting. A pleasant middle age lady in older style long dress was waking in th rain towards me on Rainier Vista ( left hand side going to towards Husky Stadium) – it was pouring and I asked if she wanted my umbrella- I had rain gear and she didn’t, she replied good morning and thanked me overly kindly, but declined the umbrella and walked on, a bit awe struck I turned just a few moments later just to reply to her good morning greeting and she had vanished….

The Place of Transient Tunes and Spectres

…Two people on my investigative team have reported a tall black figure with a stove-pipe hat lingering near the front entrance inside the bar, near the ATM. He’ll stand over people and then disappear when you look dead-center in that direction. My friend, an energy worker, has been touched a couple times by what she can only describe as a dark, masculine presence….

Graveyard Surprise

My friend and I were up in Hannibal, MO interviewing woman for our paranormal podcast. We were told that the Old Baptist Cemetery in that town was EXTREMELY active. Naturally, we decided to explore it with dowsing rods after the interview. This was at about 9:00 at night in mid December. The wind was blowing with tremendous force. As we started walking, the rods started pointing against the wind….

The Ghost of the Shop

While it is owned by a paranormal team, the first time I went to an event being held here (The event was a talk about past lives and stuff), my husband kept feeling very dizzy in one of the shop rooms. He kept turning around and looking and at one point yelled “quit touching me” and turned to see no-one there.Later, we talked to the shop owner, who said the place was an old doctor’s office and the extension to a boarding home at one point. The owner said she didn’t notice anything the first couple months the shop was opened, but soon her daughter and a shop employee kept talking about a shadowy woman that stood in the corner in one of the rooms….