Orbs, Asgardians, witches, magick, crows, gulls, paramilitary, and high weirdness

…owever, a far more surreal and intangible weirdness permeates this area which seems to both attract strange people and affect folks who live or visit here. I’ve regularly seen a pair of witches that feed and talk to crows under an oak tree. They showed up every day for some number of months….

The Lost 40

…It’s a nice hike for a family with a 4 year old and a husband who has to be convinced to go in the first place. The place had a special feeling to me in general, almost dreamlike. We had a great time taking side trails and seeing where they take us before eventually making our way to the midway point. On our way back we got to a place that felt special. We had past one group earlier but there was no one around us. The sun was shining through the giant trees. I took out my phone to take a video, to capture the weirdness in the moment. I felt very deja vu like and was focusing the camera on my daughter skipping ahead. All the sudden my phone died and wouldn’t turn back on…..

“Like Tinkerbell”

…It was locked. Now the door was wide open, and BOTH cats were inside. The older cat would have been outside like a flash if she had seen it. I was shaken, but the next night was the weirdest. I woke up at about 3:45 to see a light in the room. Half asleep, I lifted my head up to see a light shining on a shelf in the room I was in…..

Weird Field

…But I also knew that wasn’t quite right either. The golf course didn’t have a low dip in the bottom and the grass here was long and lush. There was a low stone wall running along the lowest portion of the field and I could also see a wooden gate. I remember really wanting to go touch that wall to see if it was real. I wasn’t sure if I should because this was so odd and I was on a golf ball mission. I was about to get up and run to the wall to touch it when I heard my mom calling me. I turned away from that weird field and took the golf ball that was right on the edge of both places….

The Treetops

…The sound was coming from those droopy treetops, but there was nothing there. I stood there perplexed, when I began to notice there were faces in the trees. The faces were not human. They were quite literally theater masks, the white masks that you see with the smile and the frown, except all of these had smiling mouths and frowning eyes. They were not actually colored white, but they were the shape of those masks; there were hundreds of them, morphing through the leaves of those trees,…

Mississippi Hat Man

…Early on the shadow being was seen directly behind me. I was standing in my bedroom doorway that faced my daughter’s bedroom doorway and we were having a conversation. She saw it behind me walk across my bedroom and into a closet. She states it was large with a top hat, long coat, and pointy nose. She also says that was the first time she saw it, but the only time it looked like that. Other times it was skinny or lanky without the hat. The feeling was never bad with the shadow being it seemed curious but didn’t want to be known or seen….

Southaven Rental House

…I immediately felt crazy for as terrified I had been, but there was that look on my child’s face that was unmistakable. and that haunting scream that awoke me. She had seen something, and it spooked her. I know what I saw and by now my husband had awoken and was looking bewildered at me. It felt strange trying to explain it to him and it seemed so far out that it was hard for him to believe me….

Carter Caves State Resort Park

…The energy was so high and I just don’t think any of us could comprehend it so our bodies were panicking as the only way it could. I grabbed the friend who was sitting up, shaking, and brought them quickly through the threshold where 3 of us sat, shaking for about an hour before the rest had woken up and joined us. We all braved the hallway together and went into the main room and made a circle of candles and sat in it holding hands….

Shiny Guy

…Over the course of a year I would run into Shiny Guy from time to time. Initially, he tried to be frightening. Then he tried taunting. It frustrated, then amused him that I was neither scared or reactive to his attempts. He would tell me he did “bad things” and that he stayed here because a lot them took place in those woods. He liked to relive the memories and he liked to scare people by projecting heavy energies like fear….