Black Smoke/Orb

…Around 10PM at night I witnessed what appeared to be black smoke coming from an apartment building a few blocks north. I was immediately confused because it did not move like anything I’ve seen in the sky. Best way to describe the movement of this “black smoke” is like when black ink drops into water. It was swirling, moving in multiple directions, and the color of was blacker than anything I’ve seen before. After a few seconds the “black smoke” turned into a small glowing orb ….

Submerged Graveyards of Lake Norman

… Duke Power moved multiple family cemeteries to make way for Lake Norman, however in some cases, and only after obtaining permission from family descendants, only the headstones were moved while the remains were not disturbed….

Strange things happen along the shores of this lake. People going missing, drownings, orb sightings, voices in the woods. The list goes on and on….

Lucerne Valley Mirage Gas Station

…Nothing seemed off about the store clerk or anything. I just couldn’t believe I found this special root beer, in the desert of all places!. We continued on and went to my cousin’s graduation. Afterwards, I decided we would drive back using the same route so I could buy all of the remaining root beer. I just had to bring that magical beverage back home to NC with me. I drove up and down this rural desert road 3 times. The stone gas station wasn’t there! I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I had taken a wrong turn I thought. No way. There was only one road! I have since been back to the area 3 times. I literally asked every local I ran into about it. I always received the same answer. THERE IS NO STONE GAS STATION!

Astral Travel During Performance

I full-on astral planed during a performance at at this theater. I was singing a song I had written about life and death being one and the same and about a half-minute into it I realized I was outside and above myself, watching it happen as it happened. There was nothing unsettling or upsetting about this. I simply felt in awe of the experience and went with it. As the song ended, I re-entered my body. I don’t drink or do drugs when I perform. I’m not on any kind of medication. It was one of those truly weird and undeniably beautiful experiences.

Disappearing Book

Wanting to finish the book I was reading, I stayed up until about 12:30am, placing the book on the night-table beside me. When we awoke the next morning to pack up for our drive to Memphis, I noticed the book was missing from where it sat not six hours prior. My partner and I turned the room upside down looking for it. It had not slipped behind the bed, under the bed, or gotten lost in the bedsheets. It had simply vanished.

Memorial Bridge Portal

As wee reached the center of the bridge my friend and my daughter were looking our over the bridge (looking north) and suddenly told me to “look at that!” There was a bright white light hovering midair pretty much lined up with the bridge about half a city block out from the bridge itself. This light was roughly 5 feet in circumference and as our attention was directed at it, it started opening up in the center. my first thought was “omg that’s a wormhole! a dimensional portal!” It kept spinning and expanding til it opened up roughly 4 times its size,

Wrong Door

One night , at about 3 in the morning , I woke up needing to got to the bathroom , which was down stairs. I opened the stairwell door and could feel the air pressure had changed, Curious, I opened the door to the living room ,and the sound of the living room was, “wrong”….

Hornet Spook Light

The Spook Light, also known as the “Hornet Spook Light” (after the nearby community of Hornet, Missouri) has been seen by people for many, many decades, long before the advent of the automobile. On this particular road, which is on the Oklahoma side of the state line, strange, glowing orbs are seen dancing in the air, particularly at night….