Wichita Vortex Dog

…I wanted her to come with me on her own free will. I heard her stop and I turned around. We looked each other in the eye and she basically indicated to me she had to go. She turned around and dog trotted east on the sidewalk/path, back toward the trees we came from. I thought okay, maybe she belongs to someone. I took only a few steps and realized it was quiet suddenly. I can’t explain the energy shift. I thought maybe she changed her mind and stopped walking. I turned, and she was gone….

Multiple Weird Happenings

…After sundown, things get weird. I and 2 others witnessed people vanish right in front of our eyes. We were walking our dog early in the evening, when we see a man standing under a tree just off the sidewalk, in the dark, across the street, which is already sketchy. He calls out to us and says “Evenin’, how’s it going?”, and before we can answer, a car drives past in the opposite lane (so, near to us), and when it’s gone (like literally 1 second later) he is GONE. We even went to investigate the tree and area right away, and he was NOWHERE. This has happened multiple times since….

Capitol Hill Books

…I and my small class of only 5 people walked around the store’s basement and the main floor before heading upstairs, once we were up we ran into two men leaving the room in the back with weird machines in their hands. I now believe it was probably a K2 meter but I’m not truly sure. We decided to head to the back because we were curious as to what they were doing and the second we stepped into the room you could feel a change, a chill, I’m not sure how to describe it. The whole room felt off and gave all of us a bad vibe….

Not Ellaville?

…We went to St. Mark’s Lighthouse earlier that day, and as we were walking on the beach, these dragonflies appear out of nowhere and hit the ground between us. There was one green one and one blue one, and they seemed to be fighting over the body of a third shriveled-up one. Normally they’re pretty shy bugs, but they were completely unphased by us, and I was able to get really close and take a picture. It felt like some kind of omen…