Between Three Bridges and Haywards Heath

….We looked from the window down at the stubble in the field below. As the light framed a patch of weeds the girl began to say how she had fond memories of collecting the dry thistle-heads as a child. We both turned and looked out across the field. I was just think long of what to say, and for a split second my eyes refocused on our reflection in the window. She looked like she was screaming at full volume, her head back and her mouth stretching open, her throat was thick with the air in it and her wide eyes were focused on mine…..


My friend and I were taking the scenic route down south to Cedar City. We were on a small rural road when we rounded a bend to see a semicircle of upright logs in a field to our left. On each of the logs was a statue of a crow, posed in various positions….

The Gnomestead

There’s a punk house near the evergreen campus in Olympia. Once called the Gnomestead, the property is situated along a semi-rural road, sandwiched between a rock quarry and a stretch of wetland. The the backyard was basically at the edge of a swamp.
I lived here for a year, between summer 2011-2012. While I saw a lot of things that just didn’t make sense, Here’s a few that are easier to describe:…