Weird White Dogs

…My buddy and I both recall panicking; my eyes teared up (still do when I remember), and a sense of dread clutched my stomach. Neither of us spoke for a while but later confirmed feeling we needed to get away as soon as possible, like it wasn’t supposed to be happening or like we weren’t supposed to see it….

PJ Lake

…They were also, honestly and truly, scared, and it’s one of the only times I’d ever seen them that way, before or since. These big angry howls were accompanied by actual stones being thrown near the perimeter of the camp, basically just outside the firelight. We hadn’t seen any sign of anyone camping nearby us, for all we knew, we were alone in the woods that night except the local wildlife….

Wichita Vortex Dog

…I wanted her to come with me on her own free will. I heard her stop and I turned around. We looked each other in the eye and she basically indicated to me she had to go. She turned around and dog trotted east on the sidewalk/path, back toward the trees we came from. I thought okay, maybe she belongs to someone. I took only a few steps and realized it was quiet suddenly. I can’t explain the energy shift. I thought maybe she changed her mind and stopped walking. I turned, and she was gone….

Kissimmee Cryptid

…One side of the rode was a neighborhood so houses were lined all the way down and the other side of the rode was just the woods. As we are driving i see something scurrying across the street. And i slowed because i thought it was a dog or something but I couldn’t see the full body all i saw was legs. Everyone was asleep in the car but me and my friend. I quickly asked her if she can see what I’m seeing and we started getting scared because we didn’t know what it was almost the size of a human!…