Black Rock Point

…Terrified, he began scrambling up the wet clay of the cliff face and unto the rubbery green flora that cover the tops of the bluff. He paused to catch his breath and was immediately bathed in a cone of blinding white light from above. The light obliterated the fog that had surrounded him, and peering up through his fingers to to make sense of what was happening he saw a large, dark wing gliding a dozen feet over his head, inexplicably between him and wherever the light’s source was. In those frozen seconds his mind raced—was it a bird? Could it see him? Was it coming for him? —and then he ran….

Possible Fairy Visitation

…It was a warm July night, and I had my window open to let the cool breeze circulate my room. I recall sleeping well but then being suddenly stirred out of slumber by the most peculiar feeling: something was tickling my feet. I could feel small fingers on the soles of my feet and ankles. I simply shifted my body in response to this, kicking my feet in an attempt to make it stop. I also grumbled. When this happened I heard giggling! I couldn’t believe it. It was a chorus of tiny, sweet, and innocent laughter….

The Virgin of Lages

…At that time a single woman had become pregnant. As soon as the child was born the woman drowned the child in the lake. The demon received the child’s death as an offering. He became a serpent and came to live into and to curse the whole river. His head is in the pond and his tail is along the river….

The Walnut of Benevento

The Walnut of Benevento was an ancient and leafy walnut tree consecrated to the Germanic god Odin, around which met a community of Lombards settled near Benevento from the sixth century, in the territories originally inhabited by the Samnites. The celebration of pagan and religious rites, which included hanging a goatskin from the walnut, has given rise to various legends that have perpetuated over the centuries, concerning ceremonies and magical rituals officiated by witches on the occasion of sabbath (the return of the devil).