Ouija Board Mystery (CW – Violence)

…By mid afternoon we were pretty bored and someone had the idea to bring out a Ouija board. I’d never used one before and had no idea what to expect. So I didn’t understand how unusual it was that it kept spelling out the word “help.” We studied each other’s faces trying to sus out if someone was moving the planchette. I still remember the frightened looks in my friends’ eyes. We didn’t know what to do with that word so we asked questions and it spelled out answers. Piece by piece a picture emerged….

Mt. Konocti

There has long been tales of strangeness surrounding Mount Konocti, the most notable being similar to its more famous Northern cousin, Mt Shasta: stories of a cave system below it where spirits are said to live. There are legends of seeing lights & even physical flying craft coming out of the mountain, and it is said that the local Pomo tribe used to leave offerings in the caves, which historically were more accessible prior to a landslide….

Lake Willoughby Hotspot

…Lake Willoughby is regarded by many as just plain mystical. It’s formation is even the subject of spirited research, and research has continued to this day. My parents were Coastguardsmen, and as a young couple, went diving in this lake. This is no small feat. Lake Willoughby is one of the deepest lakes in New England, even though it’s so small. The reason for that is the bottom is incredibly craggy, and uneven. There is no true lakebed towards the center…. Just a field of large, rocky, stalagmite structures. Sonar imaging proves this. The true “depth” is not really known as a result, just approximations….