Bird-masked Entity at Saint-Barthélémy

…On the night between the 12 and 13 of September 2019, the sound of a door being closed could be heard, followed by a dim light moving behind every window. The phenomenon lasted for about 4 hours, from 10pm to 2am. Witnesses later described a humanoid entity wearing a frilled shirt with suspenders on black pants, along curly, long blond hairs. The most curious feat of the entity was their larval* mask resembling a bird from the Halcyon….

Woman from ‘The Far Side’

When I was younger and a gigging musician, my stage attire often involved a lot of make up. On this particular night, on our way to a show, my face had been painted similarly to how Alice Cooper does his make up. I used to enjoy freaking people out a little; unless the show was happening near Halloween my appearance could be quite a shock to some folks….

Lonely Shoes

…My then-girlfriend (now wife) and I were driving along talking about the “one shoe by the side of the road” phenomenon. Everyone is familiar with that phenomenon, right? Every once in a while you just see one shoe by the side of the road. What’s it doing there? Why just the one shoe? Why didn’t anyone go back for it?…

Glowing Green Cloud Crashes Party

…The Cedar Swamp area of Westborough provides hiking trails and ample territory for kids to explore. Naturally as kids become teenagers this area becomes a place for hanging out late at night to surreptitiously drink and party. So it was that one night, a group of approximately 15 teenagers converged on a secluded spot in the woods near the railroad tracks in order to have a good time….