Spirit Communication

…Every once in awhile I would go to my dad to his work when he needed to grab items or run some tools around. He worked in one of the buildings that was around for world war II and still had the bullet holes all over the walls. I hated going there because I felt like I was always being watched. One time he left me in his office while he ran to another part of the building for something. I was doing my homework when the lights started flickering….

Nine Men’s Misery

Nine Men’s Misery is located within the grounds of the Cumberland Library, formerly Cumberland Monastery. The graves of nine men, colonists, tortured and killed during King Phillips War. People visiting the site report hearing odd screams or cries, horses galloping and the voice of a young girl. The graves themselves were exhumed a few times from medical students. Some believe that is why the strangeness started happening….

Tea w/Leota – St Mary Catholic Cemetery

…We find their grave. I had a thermos with tea, and her cup & saucer in my purse. I sat there and poured a cup of tea and watched out the corner of my eye as the lawn mower went by, feeling like fraud or paranoid that her kid will come by or something. It was powerful and pure once I let my anxieties down and just sat there and hung out. I poured a cup for her. No spookies. No ghosts or ghouls. Just pure human connection….

A Reincarnation Story

…So by three years old, I was not speaking fluently or with much understanding of others around me. Yet, at three years old I went up to my mom and started telling her about my “old life” as I called it. Very clearly I told her that we were once sisters in my old life. And then I vividly described our family standing on a dirt road by the farm and we were all together. I apparently told her this a few times that year and it stuck in her memories….

Casa de Cultura

…The city and state of Colima are definitely places of high weirdness and I think that many parts of the city and the state can be considered Thin Places due to the number of stories that abound here. Some say that it is due to the proximity of the volcanoes ( The Snow volcano–dormant and the Fire volcano–still active). Some say that there are strong energetic areas both in the city and up towards the volcano, where strange energies can be felt and sometimes even seen in action. The state of Colima has stories ranging from Ghosts to UFOs to time distortions to witchcraft, to energy vectors, you name it!…

Houghton Mansion Hill

…The Houghton Mansion is the spooky crown jewel of the Berkshires – it was built by the original mayor of North Adams, AC Houghton, in the 1890s. Members of the Houghton family met an unlucky fate in a horrible car accident, while their chauffeur allegedly took his own life days later in the stables and AC died in the home days after that. There are several local tales of the land underneath, and the general area, being a giant hotspot for strangeness….