Namozine Church

…As we were driving away, we both felt an energy being pulled out of our backs. It’s very hard to explain but it felt like something was attempting to pull us back and it was pulling us by our “spirit”. Again, I’m a medium. I’ve had weird experiences my whole life. I’ve completed many investigations. I’ve never had this experience prior or since. I’ve no idea of what it was or what it means. Aliens? Vampire like? Earth force? Dimension switch? I don’t know. We don’t know….

Mystery Arm

…Now I immediately think my husband is home way early and I think its weird he didn’t see me sitting there and he didn’t speak to me or the dogs. That would be very unusual in and of itself. So I get up right away and go inside to yell at my husband but he is not there. No car in the driveway, front door is still locked….