Terror at Last Chance Range

I live right near the Last Chance Range, near Shadow Mountain. Weird, spooky stuff happens around the range all the time, but the most memorable experience for me was the time when I woke up very thirsty in the middle of the night, around 2am. As I went into my kitchen, I could see through my windows that it was unusually bright out….

Memorial Bridge Portal

As wee reached the center of the bridge my friend and my daughter were looking our over the bridge (looking north) and suddenly told me to “look at that!” There was a bright white light hovering midair pretty much lined up with the bridge about half a city block out from the bridge itself. This light was roughly 5 feet in circumference and as our attention was directed at it, it started opening up in the center. my first thought was “omg that’s a wormhole! a dimensional portal!” It kept spinning and expanding til it opened up roughly 4 times its size,