Mystery Dirt Meteorite

A seven inch cubeof compacted dirt appeared in my back yard today, with no explanation as to where it came from. There’s no evidence of it being thrown over the rather high fence into our yard from next door. No evidence of anyone entering our gated back yard. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of impact, so however it got there, it didn’t drop far. Some pieces have broken off and are strewn a half foot or so to one side. Also, the dirt cube seems split, as if it were slabs, or perhaps the cube split sideways on impact? The dirt seems to be potting soil, and there looks to be thin roots all through it. It was raining most of the day today, but the dirt meteorite is partly dry in places.

Possible Fairy Visitation

…It was a warm July night, and I had my window open to let the cool breeze circulate my room. I recall sleeping well but then being suddenly stirred out of slumber by the most peculiar feeling: something was tickling my feet. I could feel small fingers on the soles of my feet and ankles. I simply shifted my body in response to this, kicking my feet in an attempt to make it stop. I also grumbled. When this happened I heard giggling! I couldn’t believe it. It was a chorus of tiny, sweet, and innocent laughter….

Uneasy Feeling

…I had this uneasy feeling that something was watching me and my dog, and though I couldn’t tell where I was being observed from, it felt very much like there were eyes on us. It was dead quiet, no cars passed through our neighborhood, no dogs barked from nearby yards, and no planes flew overhead. My dog even picked up on this uncomfortable and odd feeling – she was quick to turn around and go back indoors….

Elephant Machine Loves Ruth

…Outside of this were a bubble gum machine, of an elephant, and about 6 ft away another machine, where you put in a coin and the animatronic fortune teller would say something and you’d get your fortune on a card.As we were about to pass the Elephant machine lit up and said, ‘Ruth, I love you, I love you’. My friend and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Just as we were about to say something, the fortune Teller animated and said ‘Hello Ruth’. We laughed again and said “come on whoever you are we know you are there.” However when we looked around there were no places where anyone could hide, we could see straight into the store, and the machines lit up and in fact were not plugged in…

Saskatchewan Time Slip

…I suddenly thought, it was taking a long time to reach my turn off, and it wasn’t there. I thought I had somehow missed it in the dark so would have to drive to the next town which was Indian Head, pop. 2,000, and turn around. I was mad at myself so drove the next 10 miles, but when I got to where Indian Head was supposed to be, it was totally different. There were 2 big gas stations across from each other (where a small motel was before) and they were lit up like Christmas trees, the whole town looked lit up with lots of new buildings. I was very disturbed and thought I was losing my mind. I thought that somehow, I was going in the wrong direction. I was feeling afraid and confused, I decided to keep on driving I drove for perhaps another 20 miles but nothing was familiar until I came to the town of Wolseley. I crossed the highway and sat on the side of the road, I tried to figure things out….

Smoke Monster

…I heard a noise behind me, when I turned around, I could clearly see the figure of a person, but it was made out of smoke. It was like somehow the smoke of cigarettes had gravitated to that one place in the air and stayed there, making a ghost visible. It didn’t have a face or anything, but it felt like that thing was staring at me and I couldn’t help but stare back. It felt like an eternity, but when it disappeared I check the time and it had been like two minutes. Pretty spooky.

Andrews Geyser

…While I was gone, a local had walked down to my husband and talked to him about the “weird” in the area. Told him about ghosts and shadow people. None of which we encountered. But then the guy told us about something that struck a nerve. He believed there was a “Rake” trapped in the area, and the Rake was actually a dryad that had grown wicked and warped being trapped in the area. He claimed it was malevolent and a trickster, that it had lured local pets away. It struck me as really weird this dude would walk up and just start talking about all this weird stuff, but then again, I do have a big giant magnet on the side of my van advertising that I’m into paranormal and weird news…