Casa de Cultura

…The city and state of Colima are definitely places of high weirdness and I think that many parts of the city and the state can be considered Thin Places due to the number of stories that abound here. Some say that it is due to the proximity of the volcanoes ( The Snow volcano–dormant and the Fire volcano–still active). Some say that there are strong energetic areas both in the city and up towards the volcano, where strange energies can be felt and sometimes even seen in action. The state of Colima has stories ranging from Ghosts to UFOs to time distortions to witchcraft, to energy vectors, you name it!…

Hidalgo Theater

…I ran like the wind out of there! BUT it´s not over. I had to return later that evening to talk to someone ( anyone by then) so I returned about 7pm. Again I went up to the stage area, and while there, I saw an old man dressed in a janitor´s outfit come towards me. At first he seemed reluctant, he wouldn´t really look at me ( I was ready to run out of there again!). He finally came close and slowly placed his hand on my shoulder and even gave me a little squeeze, and he said to me–oh, you´re for real. I wasn´t sure if you were really human or not, sorry….

Martha at the Grafton Inn

The beer delivery guy chuckled, and told me “One day I brought in part of a delivery of beer through the basement bulkhead, and this woman was standing there in the basement. I said hi and turned away – then I realized that she was dressed in weirdly old fashioned clothing, and the basement there isn’t the kind of place you’d just be hanging around. When I turned around to look, she was gone!”…

Abuela’s House

…Eventually I hear a loud sigh and whatever was sitting on the mattress got up. I waited like 10 min (felt like years) until I got up and ran without looking to my parents room to sleep there. This house has had plenty stories where doors closed by themselves and my grandma has also seen a man in white walking around by the yard….

Guadalupe Ruins

…We visited this location during a weekday when no other folks were (originally) within 20 miles of this section of the wilderness study area. Standing at the top of the Mesa, you can see Arizona, Colorado, and the Sandia Mountains to the far, far east. It was while standing here and admiring the view, we heard calls. Like signal calls, along with some brief drums and a horn. They were carried on the wind, and would die down to sub-audible levels when the wind slacked….

Portales Church of the Hidden Cove

…Remember how I said to be respectful of the locals? Surrounding this area are the indigenous Laguna, some Acoma, and those granted access by the Spanish King via blessing way before this region became a US territory (or state). If you fail to be respectful to land or the people, there are whispers that if you touch/drink/interact with the waters, they will judge your soul and deal with you appropriately. The edges of the cut away cliffs on this Mesa church “bleed” (iron deposits) when the shrine isn’t cared for….

Lost in a Graveyard

…I managed to get her back in the car and was about to drive off when this man decided to show himself to me. He looked to be from the 1800’s and a very mean looking person. He had an ax in his hand and was about to raise that ax when I threw the car in drive and sped away. I got about 4 miles away and stopped and looked at mom she was white as a sheet. I said Mom what did you see? I know you saw him, you have never admitted to me that you are able to see spirits so why all the sudden? She said she has always been able to and never wanted anyone to know, and had shut them out for many years….

Ford’s Theater

On two separate occasions, I was standing in the front foyer, red carpeted area of Ford’s Theatre, during my midnight shift. I caught a glimpse of a young woman, long dark blonde hair, in period clothing. A white dress, with layers, and layers down it.. As Ford’s Theatre was a Baptist Church before a theatre, I wondered if it was a wedding dress. Was this woman to be married?