The Ghost Barge of Ironbridge

…At its helm, a tall figure stands, often described as wearing old fashioned clothes, or a dark cloak. It sails slowly down the river, and as it gets closer, its cargo is revealed. The ghost barge is often witnessed from the Ironbridge- which gives you a great vantage point to see what it is carrying. It’s believed that on the barge, is row upon row of corpses, piled high….

Lilleshall Abbey

…One of its most famous features is its processional doorway, which leads to the cloister. It is near the cloister that the ghost of the ‘Black Monk’ is seen. He is a recurrent apparition, and is said to be tall, middle aged and wearing the dark robes of the Augustinian order. One of the strangest things about this apparition is that this monk appears solid, with his feet on the ground as you or I, rather than being translucent….

Walton-DeFuniak Library

…There’s definitely a spooky vibe in the 135-year-old structure. Doors open and close by themselves, books fall from shelves, and phantom footsteps creak across the old wooden floorboards. Prior to being the city’s first paid librarian, Fellows worked with the Ladies’ Library Association, a volunteer organization that founded the library in 1886 with the goal of “elevating the moral and intellectual standing of the community,” according to minutes of their early meetings….

Shadow Person

…I looked up to the hallway in front of me and could clearly see a shadowy figure of a person peeking into the bedroom. It looked like it was mostly in the hall and was peeking in with its head and shoulders visible with the rest of its “”body”” behind the wall. Its shadowy arm was held up on the door frame. It looked just like a human peering into the room as if to check if I was sleeping, but shadowy….

Phantom Truck at Tumbleweed Dance Hall

…My friends and I had just made it over the top of a hill, when the blinding headlights and roaring engine of one of these trucks snuck up behind us! We all jumped off the road into the ditches, so surprised by the impossible appearance of such a thundering vehicle! The truck never passed though! The headlights and engine sounds just cut out. It was dead quiet except for the hollering in the distance by The Weed. We all ran back to the top of the hill as fast as our legs would take us and looked West down the road….