High Weirdness Home and Cemetery

…I was never alone, although I always felt very comfortable with whatever I sensed around me. The home also had several acres of forest, and on numerous occasions I would see white animals watching me from just inside the tree lines. Several times it was a very large long-haired dog and another time it was a deer, but the animals would always be pure white and simply standing there….

Orbs, Asgardians, witches, magick, crows, gulls, paramilitary, and high weirdness

…owever, a far more surreal and intangible weirdness permeates this area which seems to both attract strange people and affect folks who live or visit here. I’ve regularly seen a pair of witches that feed and talk to crows under an oak tree. They showed up every day for some number of months….

Mason Schoolhouse

…I heard this area could very well be haunted (it’s old with original buildings from the 1800’s) plus this area has the famous Whaley house that is haunted (we went but no spooks). I’ve seen spirits since I was little and I enjoy the thrill of “ghost hunting” type things so we went to this schoolhouse that is the first in the area back then and I start taking pictures,…

Shiny Guy

…Over the course of a year I would run into Shiny Guy from time to time. Initially, he tried to be frightening. Then he tried taunting. It frustrated, then amused him that I was neither scared or reactive to his attempts. He would tell me he did “bad things” and that he stayed here because a lot them took place in those woods. He liked to relive the memories and he liked to scare people by projecting heavy energies like fear….

A Phantom in the Blizzard

i looked out the passenger side window into the landscape, all pitch black and eerie white. ghostly-looking train cars parked on the railway running parallel to the road. it felt like my vision was swimming but i said nothing. suddenly i saw a faint flickering greenish glow near the train cars, and as i peered closer it appeared to be emanating from a lantern held high by a humanoid figure, starkly featureless and black in the snow…