Disappearing Book

Wanting to finish the book I was reading, I stayed up until about 12:30am, placing the book on the night-table beside me. When we awoke the next morning to pack up for our drive to Memphis, I noticed the book was missing from where it sat not six hours prior. My partner and I turned the room upside down looking for it. It had not slipped behind the bed, under the bed, or gotten lost in the bedsheets. It had simply vanished.

Joliet Ghost

My head was tilted slightly down but I clearly saw someone walk into the little hallway from the living room to the right to the second bedroom on my left; I assumed it was my husband. I hadn’t heard him come home, but was vacuuming so didn’t think that odd – we were, however, still newlyweds and I thought it strange my husband didn’t come over and say hello. I stopped the vacuum and went to the other bedroom – there was no one there. I checked bathroom, living room, kitchen, even closets, I was alone. The door was still locked…..

Boise Idaho Linden Street Murder House

One night I ended up babysitting late, I actually think my mom and the kids mom were probably out drinking (haha) and so I had to ride my bike back late at night, around 10pm. It was dark, but again, close and Boise was small as hell.

Of course, I did my usual creepy feeling pedal faster but as I was pedaling I heard a loud SCREAM that sounded like it was on the other side of the hedges. This of course scared the crap out of me, causing me to immediately crash my bike and fall off INTO the fence.