Beachfront Apparition

He neither looked at me nor replied. When I had walked a few more steps, I thought, “What is he — too cool to say hi when we’re the only two on this beach?!” I turned to look with resentment, but he was not there. I tried to figure out — could he have run all the way down to the waves? Was he trying to drown himself, hence the anguish? Baffled, I watched for his Macintosh hat to surface, and when it didn’t, with my brain scrambling for an explanation, I thought: “ghost.”

Maison Pierre Lafitte hotel

…While we were there let me say we encountered all kind of stuff… but several cyclones came through on our stay and it scared the lady next door so she left. Even after she left we heard noises all the time and anytime you walked down the hall you felt like you were being watched. We asked the front desk about it and they asked which room we were in and they told us a girl ghost lives in the one next door….

High Strangeness at Borough Green

Numerous staff members at the gym have been reporting stories of ghost encounters to me. A janitor said that he saw a misty-looking humanoid moving across the roof while screaming, and a cleaner was nearly pushed into the pool by an unseen presence. Several of the gym trainers have talked about hearing laughter like that of a young child, and one trainer in particular described locking the gym up for the night and seeing shadowy figures moving around by the second floor window. I have had a plethora of experiences around the area as well – with my first being when I heard some bizarre ice cream van-style music coming from a nearby landfill hill. I was effectively hypnotised by this music, and the phrase ‘I had the overwhelming urge to follow it’ came into my head. My father – who had been training with me – called me and snapped me out of it….