Strange Activity and EVP (with video)

…We have this on multiple cameras from multiple angles, along with Our tests before and after it fell. We let everything settle for about 10 minutes before going back to asking EVP questions. I called out “if the same thing that made the ball fall is still here, could you please let us know by making a sound?” to the air. Another 30 seconds passed in silence. Then one of the dolls across the room in the pile of dolls we had checked let out a horrifying battery drained laugh….

Haunted Condo

…It wasn’t a particularly hot day so the ac wasn’t on and I had only just got up so I hadn’t opened any windows either. But I noticed the linen closet door start to move. It very slowly swayed back and forth about an inch or two. I froze mid eyeliner stroke and stared. My blood turned to ice bc I was trapped. I knew I’d have to walk right to the moving door to get out of the bathroom. I gathered my courage and threw down the eyeliner, slammed the linen door shut and tan out of the house to my friend’s condo on the other side of the complex….