Bird-masked Entity at Saint-Barthélémy

…On the night between the 12 and 13 of September 2019, the sound of a door being closed could be heard, followed by a dim light moving behind every window. The phenomenon lasted for about 4 hours, from 10pm to 2am. Witnesses later described a humanoid entity wearing a frilled shirt with suspenders on black pants, along curly, long blond hairs. The most curious feat of the entity was their larval* mask resembling a bird from the Halcyon….

Bremerton Ghost

…The next day I went upstairs to find all the doors wide open, even the closets, and cupboards. I called my friend in Portland who had a haunting in her house and I told her all about what happened while I was in the basement running a load of laundry. It was our first run with the washers and the wet load had to be dried. While I was on the phone a rolling chair left by the previous owners rolled across the nearly empty garage. (not all the way across, just maybe two or three feet. Just enough to get my attention…

Cranbrook House and Gardens

…The moment I crossed into the room, night had become day. In the room with me was a sandy haired blond boy between 6 & 8 years old wearing a schoolboys uniform from the early 1900’s. The open door was now closed behind me. I could sense the boy was panicked, though he didn’t seem to see me. He tried to open the far door and it became clear that he was locked inside this room, crying for help….

Glowing Green Cloud Crashes Party

…The Cedar Swamp area of Westborough provides hiking trails and ample territory for kids to explore. Naturally as kids become teenagers this area becomes a place for hanging out late at night to surreptitiously drink and party. So it was that one night, a group of approximately 15 teenagers converged on a secluded spot in the woods near the railroad tracks in order to have a good time….