Strange Morning in Santa Barbara

…The plan didn’t work exactly as they had thought it would. He had an idea. Something that he believed would work. He was sure of it. The situation at hand was unexpected but all it did was delay them for a couple of minutes. It’s not that big of a deal. We kept walking as if everything was normal. We didn’t even see her. She stayed where she was and watched. She didn’t know what her next order would be. He told her to wait and be ready so that is what she did. This was something that they never encountered before. They was curious about us….

The Hermitage of Saint Saturnin

…The first, in the Hermitage, where energy orbs were observable both in digital cameras and the naked eye, paired with a heavy feeling of dread and despair. Inside the Hermitage, there was also a burnt carcass of a goat hanging from the ceiling. The second ocurrence took place inside the Peninha Chapel, where I met a local guide who explained the history of the site and indicated that the Holy Grail’s resting place was indeed somewhere tucked under the rocks under this very Chapel….

The Devil’s Chair

…The Devil uses this chair as an outpost to watch over the whole of the country and tries to force the stone back down into the earth. When he succeeds, it will bring about the fall of England. It is generally believed to be a dangerous place, particularly on the longest night of the year. This is when the devil sits and calls forth all the counties’ followers, Witches, Warlocks, and cruel spirits, to judge their misdeeds…

Scary Truck

…It gave me enough of a vibe that my previous elated mood dropped a peg or two; it sort of reminded me of the truck from the awful movie Jeepers Creepers. It would have been easy enough to shake off and forget about, but we were less than half a mile from where I saw it when I suddenly realized it was tailgating me. It still had no headlights on, but the read of my rear lights was reflecting off the grill which was mere feet from my rear bumper….

Orbs, Asgardians, witches, magick, crows, gulls, paramilitary, and high weirdness

…owever, a far more surreal and intangible weirdness permeates this area which seems to both attract strange people and affect folks who live or visit here. I’ve regularly seen a pair of witches that feed and talk to crows under an oak tree. They showed up every day for some number of months….