Mississippi Hat Man

…Early on the shadow being was seen directly behind me. I was standing in my bedroom doorway that faced my daughter’s bedroom doorway and we were having a conversation. She saw it behind me walk across my bedroom and into a closet. She states it was large with a top hat, long coat, and pointy nose. She also says that was the first time she saw it, but the only time it looked like that. Other times it was skinny or lanky without the hat. The feeling was never bad with the shadow being it seemed curious but didn’t want to be known or seen….

Crossroads Cryptoid

…I felt scared as I got closer and retreated back up the street, turning down Broadway Avenue to avoid walking past it. What weighs about 30 pounds, is a dirty gray color, and isn’t dog-shaped? If this were an H.P. Lovecraft story, I would say it was a giant rat. If I was in Puerto Rico, I might call it Chupacabra….