Farm Goblins

…In the next year or two, I had a summer where at night, outside of my second-story window, I saw what I described as an “evil koala” and “scary gorilla” with red eyes. They both seemed to have dark fur that stood out around their faces, and deep-set red eyes, and that’s about all I could really see in the dark. They would press their face close enough to the window that the little bit of light from my bedside lamp would catch their red eyes, and I could see the outline of their shape, because they were darker than the night sky….

Goblin Ghost-Slinger Barbershop

…Every few evenings, it is reported, he gathers a few intimate friends in the rear of his barbershop, when he regales them witha. varied assortment of goblins and ghosts. Sometimes a friend wishes to converse with Dan Webster on the tariff question, and the shade of the departed statesman immediately comes forth. Relatives are accommodated with little private talks with departed uncles, aunts, etc. The other evening a gentleman who was present called up the spirit of the missing man, Webber, and the question was asked, “Are you dead?” The table was lifted from the floor and slammed against the ceiling several times…

Weird Figure in the Weld Shop

…My one coworker had already went home early and the other was in the machining shop talking to another coworker. I was alone. ALL shop fans were off, ALL welding machines were off so it was library quiet. ALL 3 doors to the weld shop were closed tight. It’s very bright in the weld shop due to the floured lights Yet something/someone dark dark green ducked down very QUICKLY behind a portable green Welding Curtain….

Lake Willoughby Hotspot

…Lake Willoughby is regarded by many as just plain mystical. It’s formation is even the subject of spirited research, and research has continued to this day. My parents were Coastguardsmen, and as a young couple, went diving in this lake. This is no small feat. Lake Willoughby is one of the deepest lakes in New England, even though it’s so small. The reason for that is the bottom is incredibly craggy, and uneven. There is no true lakebed towards the center…. Just a field of large, rocky, stalagmite structures. Sonar imaging proves this. The true “depth” is not really known as a result, just approximations….

Life-Altering Visitation

…It’s skin was smooth and grey, with a head shaped like a guitar pick, somewhat hollowed cheeks, and a slightly protruding mouth. There was no distinguishable nose or ears to my memory. The fingers appeared somewhat long. I backed my chair into my desk, trying to evade in a room where the only exit was the door with the entity my reptile brain wanted to escape, saying “no no no” repeatedly with widening eyes….

Old Ned’s Devil

…The most famous sighting occurred at 10pm on the evening of the 21st of January 1879 and was investigated by Folklorist Charlotte S. Burne. She recounted that just before the eyewitness reached the canal bridge, a strange, hairy black creature ‘with great white eyes’ sprang out of the plantation by the roadside and attached itself onto his horse’s back. In desperation he tried to push it off with his whip, but to his horror, the whip went through the creature, and he dropped it to the ground with fright….