Mystery Cryptid

…On the way in I had been able to cross a swag that had minimal water but ow as soon as i entered it it was almost over my boots. I decided to go back up on the knoll and take another path that was a little longer but gave me access to the field i wanted to be walking in. When i topped the knoll i decided to look back at the area that the “form” had been standing at,….and it was no longer there….

Bigfoot Sighting

…Before my friend could answer, we heard a sound from trees about 10ft away. It sounded as if it was lion’s growl coming through a horse’s muzzle. We bolted to the house and woke up our friends to tell them the story. They convinced us someone was outside messing with us so all of us went outside to investigate. Armed with flashlights, baseball bats and golf clubs when searched around the house and found nothing. The search stopped when we heard the neighbors scream and all their exterior lights came on…..

“The Whatzit”

In the late 1950’s residents of the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan told stories to their friends and neighbors of seeing a large rat-like creature that walked upright. William Liberman of Huntington Woods said the creature attacked his dog and during the fight “leaped over the fence of the backyard” and vanished into the night. “The Whatzit”, as newspapers called it, was said to have enormous ears and a long tail. Over the course of three weeks it was spotted by a number of witnesses.

A Thin, Long, Grey Arm

“…At night we can hear heavy noises inside the woods (we are thinking of being a person, but the thing moves very fast where there are no trails, sometimes climbing trees and etc). After leaving one day with me and other friends at 2 am, we were followed from inside and the thing ended up stopping right in front of my house, and since then the noises get closer….”