A Thin, Long, Grey Arm

“…At night we can hear heavy noises inside the woods (we are thinking of being a person, but the thing moves very fast where there are no trails, sometimes climbing trees and etc). After leaving one day with me and other friends at 2 am, we were followed from inside and the thing ended up stopping right in front of my house, and since then the noises get closer….”

Possible Fairy Visitation

…It was a warm July night, and I had my window open to let the cool breeze circulate my room. I recall sleeping well but then being suddenly stirred out of slumber by the most peculiar feeling: something was tickling my feet. I could feel small fingers on the soles of my feet and ankles. I simply shifted my body in response to this, kicking my feet in an attempt to make it stop. I also grumbled. When this happened I heard giggling! I couldn’t believe it. It was a chorus of tiny, sweet, and innocent laughter….

Dark Lobo Canyon

We hiked a few short trails, but our older big dog was NOT having it. He was usually quite curious, and loved hiking in the desert. He stayed up that night as well. Sleepless and annoyed that my dog was being soo wigged out, I awoke in the early morning hours to watch the sun rise. As I opened the door to the camper, I opened it to the expansive view of the El Malpais, and saw large grey/black canine type figures rushing across the main road. They were running away from me, and I was less scared and more curious. They looked like REALLY BIG coyotes. Thinking nothing of it, I started to cook breakfast and set down to share my eggs and steak with the dogs. Suddenly, we heard a group of coyotes howling at the edge of the canyon. It sounded like 30 of them. With that, again, my big dog dropped his piece of bacon, crawled into the camper, brining his leash and all the desert dust in with him. But then we heard something else. We heard the same thing we heard in Lobo Canyon, the loud, long, deep howl that didn’t sound like it belonged to any known creature. Now both my dogs were trembling, our older dog actually peed on the camper, and my husband was DONE. He decided we were going to try to find a “less weird” place to camp out.

Scary Fly-by

….The dog went crazy and then everything went silent. No insects or anything. It was probably around 10pm. We heard something massive moving through the trees and some kind of whooping sound. The dog slinked down and wanted to go inside. We all went inside and didn’t come back out for the rest of the night….

Pocono Bigfoot

…It was not until 10 years later that we purchased a 3 acre property and for at least two years, when I walked outside at night I could feel like I was being watched. One night or early morning while it was still dark I heard the weirdest crying out back in the woods. It was not until two years later I realized it had been the birth of a baby bigfoot crying out. It was during this period of time….

The Capeta do Vilarinho (Vilarinho’s Devil)

 In 1989, during a dance contest at the ballroom of Quadra Vilarinho, reigned by the celebrated dancer Ricardo Malta, an unknown man with a hat decided to participate. At the end of the contest, only Malta and the outsider remained dancing, and the later eventually won the championship. As he took off his hat to celebrate the victory, he uncovered two horns on his head. The ballroom was then taken over by a huge commotion and people started running away. The stranger seized the oportunity to fled and disappeared, never to be seen again, but not before some dancers spotted a pair of hooves in place of his feet. He them became known as the Capeta do Vilarinho (Vilarinho’s Devil).