PJ Lake

…They were also, honestly and truly, scared, and it’s one of the only times I’d ever seen them that way, before or since. These big angry howls were accompanied by actual stones being thrown near the perimeter of the camp, basically just outside the firelight. We hadn’t seen any sign of anyone camping nearby us, for all we knew, we were alone in the woods that night except the local wildlife….

Ghost-squatch and More

…Okay, jump forward maybe a couple of years. I think mid 2015. I pushed the memory of Ghost-squatch away. I was watching random Youtube videos and came across Ontario Sasquatch. At first I was like, portal jumping beings? Bullshit. A normal hominin species? Yes. But trans-dimensional beings? No. Then he talked about the Sasquatch being in the house and things moving around. BOOM! Connection. WTF? NOOOOOO! It couldn’t be?…

Multiple Weird Happenings

…After sundown, things get weird. I and 2 others witnessed people vanish right in front of our eyes. We were walking our dog early in the evening, when we see a man standing under a tree just off the sidewalk, in the dark, across the street, which is already sketchy. He calls out to us and says “Evenin’, how’s it going?”, and before we can answer, a car drives past in the opposite lane (so, near to us), and when it’s gone (like literally 1 second later) he is GONE. We even went to investigate the tree and area right away, and he was NOWHERE. This has happened multiple times since….

Kissimmee Cryptid

…One side of the rode was a neighborhood so houses were lined all the way down and the other side of the rode was just the woods. As we are driving i see something scurrying across the street. And i slowed because i thought it was a dog or something but I couldn’t see the full body all i saw was legs. Everyone was asleep in the car but me and my friend. I quickly asked her if she can see what I’m seeing and we started getting scared because we didn’t know what it was.it was almost the size of a human!…

Mysterious “Tree” Creature

…The object or creature was at least 150 yards away so no clear features could be made out but it was a rusty brown color. My girlfriend ever the skeptic insisted that it was a tree I did not think so and pointed out that we had never noticed a tree there before. We continued our walk but it really freaked us out for some inexplicable reason which were it a just a tree would not have been the case. On the way back this thing was still there right out in the open….