Spinning Ship

…I woke up thinking about three hours with a terrible discomfort, opened my eyes and saw something that left frozen, a huge bright ship spinning slowly over us I tried to shout to my colleagues but when I turned my face to see if they were there seeing that with me I had no one, I tried to get up but I couldn’t move, my body was totally paralyzed….

Huge “V”

Between 11:00 pm -12:00pm i was leaning against door frame smoking a cigarette in my studio apt. (Former garage) when from the corner of my eye movement in the sky caught my attention as i looked up in that direction i seen a V shaped craft silently glide directly over head no more than 300 ‘ above blocking out stars as it past….

Possible UFO

….However, if it was the size of a conventional aircraft, it would have to have been exceptionally high. It honestly looked like a tic-tac. And if it was reflecting the rising sun, it was doing so in a very consistent manner. There was no glare or flash from the sun directed at me from the object. It was clear and there was no blur from motion. There was no sign of a contrail either. Other identifiable conventional jets I observed that day had short contrails….