Thrift Store UFO

It was a clear night, so you could see the stars, just about as many as you would expect to see in a city. We were only there for about 4 or 5 minutes when out of the right side of my vision I saw a super bright light in the sky. The light looked to be the shape of a four pointed star, like the classic depictions of what the North Star is supposed to look like. And when I say bright, I mean this thing looked LED. The light was moving across the sky from right to left, and relatively quickly, but smoothly. Nothing like a satellite or a plane, it didn’t have any other blinking lights to it and it made no sound at all….

Farrenburg Lights

…Vehicles brave enough to approach have been darted at, followed, and felt vibrations strong enough to be mistaken for an earthquake. The vibrations are thought to be emanating directly from the balls of light and only seem to affect that particular vehicle. There seems to be no pattern or reasoning to their appearances; they simply appear some nights and not on others….

Witch’s Bridge

…At the end of the bridge, there lived an alleged witch. The townspeople found out about her and burned her and multiple other witches at the stake on this bridge. There was also allegedly a woman who dropped her baby into the river beneath the bridge. She never stopped looking and eventually died looking for her baby. After visiting this bridge multiple times, I can confirm that it definitely has an ominous vibe to it…

Cape Girardeau UFO Crash

Reverend William Huffman was called to a plane crash in April 1941 around 9 o’clock at night in a field near the local municipal airport. When he got there he found no airplane he’d ever seen. Instead he found a seamless metal saucer crashed into a field and three alien bodies lying around the craft. Two of them were already deceased but one was still breathing but struggling so he prayed over him/her. He described the creatures to be about 5 feet tall with thin bodies, bulbous heads, and black eyes. He was also able to see inside the craft and found what he said resembled Egyptian Hieroglyphs written on the interior walls of the craft….