Football Shaped UFO

…”Hey guys, is that a star? Or, like, a helicopter or something?” They joined me in the water to check it out. We were all kind of mesmerized by the star, which not only seemed more dazzling now, but also bigger & closer. It became clear that it was not a star, but the light of some kind of aircraft. It emerged out of the night sky & flew right over us….

Fleet of UFOs

…When we looked up we noticed lights. A lot of lights. Not planes, because they were moving in lots of different directions, then would change directions on a dime. I would guestimate that there were roughly 30 of them. None of them very close to us, but bright enough that we could see them clearly….

Red and Black Rocket

…Right out of kids pajamas. It was far, no window, big fat flames out the back of it. Same height, same speed, same direction as our plane. Flying beside us from a long distance, easy enough to see it though. I thought, wow, but… really how menacing? Couldn’t ppl think this is a missile? And freak out? But it’s a rocket? Red and black?…