Donut UFO

…I pulled out my phone and managed to take a crappy video on snapchat but a fire started on the mountain 3 hours later. 2 days after in the middle of summer it magically snows just over that spot where 250 homes were burned on the mountain….

Highgate Lights

…My friends were facing the view and said something lit up the sky and disappeared in an instant. We all still talk about it to this day, and can’t figure out what it could be. It was like a big lightning strike except it went across the whole sky and lasted longer….

Independence Day UFO

…Later on as it got dark, before the fireworks went off, me my friend and my dad saw these lights in the sky. they looked like those radio satellite lights but they weren’t blinking. I swear they slowly swirled around and broke off into more pieces before just fading away like a spark….