Mysterious Green Cloud

I was living with two roommates in an apartment in the Galloway Building, above a store on Terminal Ave (The Old Island Highway). With its claw-foot bathtubs, wooden floors, and high ceilings, best estimates are that it’s a 1920s building in the Heritage Registry.One night, I woke up suddenly. I had no idea why. I noticed a green cloud hovering above me near the ceiling. It seemed to be emitting some sort of light, because I could see its colour in the dark….

Lights in the Sky

Quando eu era mais novo, durante mito tempo via luzes estranhas no céu, poderiam falar que era satélite, ou outras coisas que normalmente vemos no céu, porem as luzes que eu via, se movimentavam em forma de zig zag e sempre bem rápidas. Depois que fiquei adulto me mudei e não tive mais notícias sobre essas luzes.

Brown Mountain Lights Ghost

Sitting at the picnic tables was a figure. It wasn’t sitting at a table, but on top of a picnic table. I could just barely see the outline of the figure, it was wearing a brown-ish grey hoodie, the hoodie over their head. They were curled up, knees tucked with arms wrapped around them. The figures head was down and it was almost like they were crying. I started to say “Hey, you okay?” and walked towards the figure. A passing car with it’s brights on blinded me, and as my eyes refocused, the figure was gone. I looked around, nothing. Nobody was at the picnic table area….

Andrews Geyser

…While I was gone, a local had walked down to my husband and talked to him about the “weird” in the area. Told him about ghosts and shadow people. None of which we encountered. But then the guy told us about something that struck a nerve. He believed there was a “Rake” trapped in the area, and the Rake was actually a dryad that had grown wicked and warped being trapped in the area. He claimed it was malevolent and a trickster, that it had lured local pets away. It struck me as really weird this dude would walk up and just start talking about all this weird stuff, but then again, I do have a big giant magnet on the side of my van advertising that I’m into paranormal and weird news…

Dark Lobo Canyon

We hiked a few short trails, but our older big dog was NOT having it. He was usually quite curious, and loved hiking in the desert. He stayed up that night as well. Sleepless and annoyed that my dog was being soo wigged out, I awoke in the early morning hours to watch the sun rise. As I opened the door to the camper, I opened it to the expansive view of the El Malpais, and saw large grey/black canine type figures rushing across the main road. They were running away from me, and I was less scared and more curious. They looked like REALLY BIG coyotes. Thinking nothing of it, I started to cook breakfast and set down to share my eggs and steak with the dogs. Suddenly, we heard a group of coyotes howling at the edge of the canyon. It sounded like 30 of them. With that, again, my big dog dropped his piece of bacon, crawled into the camper, brining his leash and all the desert dust in with him. But then we heard something else. We heard the same thing we heard in Lobo Canyon, the loud, long, deep howl that didn’t sound like it belonged to any known creature. Now both my dogs were trembling, our older dog actually peed on the camper, and my husband was DONE. He decided we were going to try to find a “less weird” place to camp out.