…At the time I had a shaved head but this other me had longer hair. I looked myself right in the face. But the other me didn’t see me. She just kept walking. The main reason I recognized myself is because of the sweatshirt this other me had on. It was a custom made bright yellow crew neck sweatshirt that a friend of mine had made fo me. One of a kind. And there was no way somebody else other than me was wearing it….

Horned Man

…I sat there for a while giving myself a chance to calm down. I felt like I was safe from whatever had just happened, and that it wasn’t going to come after me. I then received a message from a friend of mine extending an invitation to join her and her coven for their full moon ritual. That night was the first time i had ever done ritual magic. And it was the first time I had ever done group magic. I always reference that night as the beginning of my magical practice….

Uncanny Energy Biped

…Then a small, somewhat solid yet still energized in form appeared on the ground; about the size of an adult raccoon. It grew as I watched, to about 6 or 7 feet in height, from what I could tell looking at the spot later. As it reached what seemed full height it still wasn’t solid. It was almost like the black and white screen you get on a tv when it isn’t getting a signal. It was moving energy in a bipedal form….

Tijuana Fats Restaurant

…The girl was mostly seen at children’s parties, a young blonde child in a blue dress, playful and running amongst other children, or seen hiding after hours by staff. Many new staff ran from the building at closing never to return. The bloody mary cocktail button on the bar register rung up as just “Mary” on the receipt tape. One morning at open, the staff and I found the entire receipt tape from the bar cash register scrolled out across the floor, reading “Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary” hundreds of times….