Thanksgiving UFO

…The thing that immediately stood out to us, was that they were all in a perfectly straight line above the hills, and originally, stationary. After a few minutes, they started moving – first 2 would go out of alignment to the right, then move back into a straight line. Then another 2. They would do different patterns….

Abandoned Town in Adams (Bell Witch)

…Sadly we couldn’t go into the church (lots of no-trespassing signs and the house next to it is occupied by the church owner). However, there were 3 buildings perfect to roam around in without any warrants. We had to crawl through the window because the doors were blocked, and when we got in there was a giant breakage in the floor. Parallel to the open floor was a doorway that was too dark for us to peer into….

Lucid Dream in Ely

…That night, I had a lucid dream of an old army buddy. It was pleasant dream where we took some time to catch-up. But what was unusual was the fact he was wearing corporal stripes on his sleeve, a rank he hadn’t worn in probably 15 years. And he was wearing a Vietnam era olive drab uniform. Which was unusual, and we spent some time in the dream as to why he was wearing that….

Julia Legare’s Ghost

…I ran down three flights of stairs as fast as I could and realized everybody was in the car. I asked multiple times who had been upstairs when I was getting ready. Everyone dismissed my questions and told me to forget about it. How could I. I literally saw a girl who looked nothing like my friends – yet tried to convince myself it was one of them- walk into a closet and disappear….