All Offerings Day

All Offerings Day

It’s Nov 4th – All Offerings Day! On this special occasion we GIVE BACK.  Today is ruled by the Fungi symbol. Why? Well, when we look at mushrooms, we usually only see the most visible part of the organism – the fruiting body. The underlying mycelium layer below ground may be vast and deep, but we when we think of fungus we tend to think only of the gifts that it shares with us above ground.

Today is also an acknowledgement that we have survived the burning House of Sorrows and have been liberated into the House of Plenty – we should spend this time recognizing the surplus that surrounds us and use that to ‘pay it forward’ to others.

First comes first – there are probably folks in your community who could use a hand.
Spend some time today researching shelters and those already doing work with unsheltered people in your community and see where they can use your help. Cold weather is coming. Make a sincere commitment to lending a hand. You could also put together a supply bag to hand out to those in need – toothpaste, tampons, cough drops, socks, etc.

Secondly, ONLY after you’ve done the first part, it’s time to make an offering to yourself! Treat yourself to some kind of gift. It should probably be in your budget, but it can be anything you want. New book! Dinner out! Death whistle! A long soak in the tub! The possibilities are endless!

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