All Mysteries Day

Oct 29 – All Mysteries Day

Today in celebration of All Mysteries, celebrants perform the ritual of The Stone Book. The Quatrians believed that the Stone Book contains all of the stories and myths written by the spirits, and can be accessed via ritual and divination. We’ve updated the rules for a modern game to play that should be easy to follow:
1. At home, draw a picture of a door on a piece of paper. This is your new ‘back door’ for the purposes of the game.
2. Open your front door and leave it open for the duration of the game.††
3. Find two dice. You could take them out of an old board game. If you don’t have access to dice there are virtual dice roll websites you can use.
1. Go to a room with several books.
2. Choose a book at random. Don’t spend too much time selecting one.
3. Roll both of the dice. The number on the dice indicate the page number you should turn to. (Ex: 
Roll two 6’s, turn to page 66).
4. Re-roll both the dice. First number indicates the line number. Second number indicates the 
corresponding number on that line. (Ex: Roll a 3. Go to 3rd line. Then roll a 6, find the 6th word).
5. Write down the word, close the book, and return it to the shelf.
6. Repeat these actions for 6 separate books.
This is your ‘Mystery Sentence’ and an actual entry in the original Stone Book. Congratulations! Feel free to rearrange the words. It is impossible to read the book in a linear way anyway. The sentence may provide clues to the question you have been trying to answer.
2. You are encouraged to share your sentence with your community (tag us if you do!)
3. Encourage others to do the ritual as well so more of the book can be revealed!
4. Fold up the piece of paper with your drawing of the back door. Put it in the recycling.
5. REPORT ANY ANOMALIES YOU SPOT TODAY. It tends to be a ‘hot’ day for it.
††Note: Part of the thrill and mystery of the game is that the words are revealed in a state of feeling slightly vulnerable. You will be in essence sneaking a peek into the ‘restricted section’ of an ancient library. However, everyone is different and if you have genuine cause for concern, you can skip leaving your front door open and instead opt to draw a picture of a door left ajar.