All Explorers Day


@liminalearthOct 25 is All Explorers Day! Find a dark “cave” – or any liminal place will do! Go alone and ask a question of the universe. 13 Liminal Nights begins!? Choking on Flowers – Fox Academy

On this auspicious kickoff, celebrants of the traditional 13 Liminal Nights take time to visit a liminal space and set their intentions for the ritual! Mythic journeys often include a trip to The Underworld and a symbolic rebirth, and this is no different.

Plan a trip to a place that you wouldn’t normally visit, and allow it to become a sanctuary. It could be as simple as a closet or room in your house with the lights out, a shady forest grove, or it could be an actual cave– the decision is yours to make.

All Explorers Day is ruled by the ancient ‘Cave’ symbol. The symbol represents: a thin place, a dark space, and/or sometimes literally just a cave. Begin your initiation by going to visit a cemetery, hanging out under a bridge, or stuffing yourself into a closet or a basement crawl space and staying in the dark for a little while. If you’re feeling extra inspired, the map is literally filled with hundreds of places to go engage a mysterious space – visit one today!
But go alone. GO DEEP. While you’re there, take some time to set your intention or think of a question that you hope to get answered over the course of the 13 Liminal Nights.

Today is also a great day to reflect on your ancestors and how their contributions will help propel you forward. Just be careful– you’re taking your first step. Things are going to be different for the next 13 nights. Stay alert. Pay attention. Also, please be careful and don’t put yourself into actual danger. No need to go to an actual cave and actually get eaten by an actual bear!

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