All Explorers Day


It’s October 25th! That means it’s All Explorers Day!

On this auspicious kickoff, celebrants of the traditional 13 Liminal Nights take time to visit a liminal space! Plan a trip to a place that is not usually visited and allow it to become a sanctuary. 

All Explorers Day is ruled by the ancient ‘Cave’ symbol. The symbol represents: a thin place, a dark space, and/or sometimes literally a cave. Today is a great day to go visit a cemetery, hang out under a bridge, or stuff yourself into a closet or a basement crawl space and hang out in the dark for a little while. If you’re feeling extra inspired, The Liminal Earth map is literally filled with hundreds of places to go engage a mysterious space – visit one today!

But go alone. GO DEEP.  While you’re there, take some time to think of a question that you hope to get answered over the course of the 13 Liminal Nights. Today is also a great day to reflect on your ancestors and how their contributions will help propel you forward.

We’d all love to see pictures of your nestled in your cave – so please, share your photos on social media and tag it #13LiminalNights #AllExplorersDay.

Stay safe! And watch out for “bears”!!!

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