My Damn House, Man

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My damn house man….

There is this one corner in my bedroom that I never liked, it always looked darker and I was uncomfortable looking at it, so I placed a wardrobe there, to not see the corner. One night, at like 4 am, I decided to move things around in my bedroom because I wanted a change, so I moved the wardrobe out of that corner, and put my bed there instead, the pillow was right in the corner. I layed in bed (which btw felt incredibly eerie), my door was closed, and I heard someone knocking, I thought it was my brother so I answered “”what?”” to which I got no response. I lifted my head to see if I could see my brother’s shadow under the door… no shadow. I opened the door thinking he might be in the hallway, he wasn’t. I left the door open thinking maybe he did knock, but left after I didn’t open the door right away. A few minutes later, I heard knocking again so I looked at the now open door and he wasn’t there. Here’s where I started to get spooked. Now, for context, I had a standing fan in this bedroom whose base broke, so my dad created a VERY heavy metal base, that made a very distinctive sound when dragged around the floor. A few minutes after hearing the knockings for the second time, I was standing in the middle of my room, and I heard the fan being dragged behind me, so I immediately turned around and the fan was shaking, as if something JUST moved it. I realized whatever the fu- lives in that corner did not like me moving things around, so I put the wardrobe in that corner again and i haven’t moved it since, 3 years later. After that, activity in my room has stopped, but not in the house.

One night, my brother was in his bedroom with his cat, he heard someone in the kitchen moving glass cups around and he assumed it was me, the cat also heard this because he looked in tje direction of the kitchen and ran towrds it (the cat food is in the kitchen so if someone’s there, the cats will run to be fed). My brother followed his cat, expecting to find me in the kitchen, but there was no one there, i was very asleep. About a month after that, I asked my mother to wake me up early to next day. She wakes up, starts walking toward the bathroom, and she hears someone in the kitchen, playing with glass cups. She thought “”oh, great, she’s already up!””, she walked by my bedroom and the door was closed, I always leave my door open after I wake up so she thought this was weird, after going to the bathroom she went to the kitchen, to see if it was me, but I was, again, asleep. And then, about three months after that, I went to the kitchen at 3am to get some water, and on the way back to my bedroom I heard… you guessed it… someone in the kitchen, playing with glass cups.

Sometimes my brother wakes up and his clothes are all over the floor… my parents closet door opened one night and they looked at each other very confused and scared… We found a Saint Benedict charm in the house, no one had ever seen it, we asked aunts, uncles, cousins, no one left it there, we don’t know where it came from, but someone told us to keep it, cause “”something”” put it there on purpose.

I had a friend in college who knew a lot about ghosts, and after I explained to him all of my experiences (more than the ones here, like seeing faces in walls, repetitive nightmares that ended after I moved houses, always feeling watched… etc) he told me “”I didn’t want to tell you this because I didn’t want to scare you, but you have something. I’m not saying you are haunted or anything, but some people are more sensitive than others, you decide if you want to embrace it or not””. But I’m too damn scared for that.

Sorry, it was a long story ?.

Submitted by Guadalupe