Long-necked Scream Cow




I ran away from home and was walking throught the route approaching the Misión Salesiana when I hears a death scream that reminded me of a banshee.
When I look around into the darkness of the night (iluminated by the few light there was), I would see what it appeared to be a cow shaped being.
But it’s head was floating. Then I realized it’s neck was really long and was approaching me.
 I ran away as fast as I could without looking back.
I hid myself on a gas station after running away for minutes. And I stayed between trucks till the run rise.
Many years passed till a friend told me he saw a cow with long neck on the other side of the town (without me telling him my experience)
And it chased them too.
So I wasn’t crazy…after all.

Submitted by Fausto A