Road UFO

Classic UFO



A friend and I had just gotten done going ice skating one night in Gilbert, AZ. It was roughly 10:30p – 11p when we decided to leave the rink & go grab some food. We got our food and she was bringing me home. In 2011, McQueen and Queen Creek rd was pretty bare(still kinda is minus the new circle k built.) There wasn’t anything but farm land. So as we are waiting on the light, only truck on the road, we notice behind us in the rear view mirror a LARGE beam of light. We stopped the music, dropped the food in our hands and looked at each other. “What is that!?” my friend asked. I just kinda sat there and looked in the passenger side mirror as it continued shining on the road. And then it just went right over her truck, stopped for a few seconds and continued on until it just disappeared up the road in front of us. We missed the green light and everything because we were so intrigued. Absolutely nutty and I wish I had had a cellphone in that moment to capture what we saw!!

Submitted by Lex M