Elizabeth’s Grave

Cryptoids, Strange Animals


MAY 17, 2021

I went out at night with a couple friends looking for ghost and visiting Elizabeth’s grave for a box session to find something of interest. When we arrived a stray black cat walked up to the car before getting out I gave it some of my jerky and water but it wouldn’t let me pet it. When we got out to walk around the cat followed closely and always stayed near the woodline meowing if we got to close and in sinc when the ghost box said we was being watched the cat circles us then walked us straight to Elizabeth’s grave and sat atop the grave. Later in the night we walked the edge of the trees asking what’s watching with everytime we asked a stench of Sulfur and rotten flesh kept getting stronger. We eventually reached the far side of the cemetery my hair on the back of my neck stood on end and i growled not even realizing it cause it felt and sounded like something was running at me. Around 20 to 40 seconds later my friend just tranced and started walking towards the woods I had to stand in front of them and use all my force to stop them as well as their partner we left right after.

To this day I believe the black cat was a familiar to Elizabeth…. I have yet to go back I recommend anyone going out there to feed and give water to the stray cat that approaches you no matter their coat as I believe that cat saved me and my friends from being a closed case that night.

Submitted by Dominic