Tales from Ohio

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


2017 – 2020

I’ve moved around a lot when I was in the military but Ohio is THE most haunted area I’ve lived in. I have family there so it made sense to settle there after the military. I’ve lived in 2 houses and both were haunted or became haunted shortly after living there. The first house nothing too crazy just my laundry room door would slam shut and it had to have opened because it would do it several times at or after midnight. I always kept that spooky room door shut before I went to bed. My friends asked me to record it but I figured if I saw it w my own eyes I wouldn’t be able to sleep there. While I was folding clothes late at night in my bedroom I saw a man walk passed my bedroom towards my daughters, immediate thought someone broke in and it was shortly after I moved in so the only weapon I had was a candlestick. I cautiously walked toward and in her room, Nothing. While living in this house I experienced my first (few) sleep paralysis which was scary on its own. I eventually moved from this house into another (that address is what’s posted here and that’s where I experienced the most things with witnesses).

…I loved this house, my daughter is older and my mom lived here as well. The first signs of something being off it the tapping on windows, like someone who had nails but no one was there. My moms room and the living room tapping. My daughter adopted a dog and he ran off so when I got off work(midnight) I drove around calling his name, I finally gave up and pulled in the driveway waiting for the garage door to open, I swear I saw a back blob stretch up to see me in the drivers window, it happened so fast I just thought I was sleepy. Then I happened again in the passengers window. I didn’t know what to make up it and just figured I was seeing things so I came in and went to bed. Eventually I would start seeing it in the house. Pop down thru the ceiling again soo fast but I would catch it every time. At night when I was in bed w the lights off I could tell it was in the room bc this had energy coming off of it, I could feel it’s vibration and could tell where it was in the room. To be continued….