Mysterious Aircraft




I was living about fifteen/sixteen years old walking my dog late at about ten/ten thirty at night. I went to close the gate to our yard when I looked up and saw three lights in a triangular formation. The aircraft was about 800 feet in the air and made absolutely no sound while going at a snails pace. I lived underneath both a commercial and military airpath, while also living within fifteen minutes of an airport, and have never and still have never seen an aircraft capable of absolute silence or moving as slow as the light formation was going. The craft was so dark that you couldn’t even see the outline of the shape of the craft. It absolutely terrified me, but even more so when a sheriff vehicle went down my street with their lights flashing seemingly following the craft, with another black SUV right behind the Sheriff vehicle. I ended up running back inside while carrying my dog because I convinced myself that those where clearly the men in black following the UFO. The next day I ended up bringing my Dad outside, who works on aircraft for a living, and showed him the approximate location of where I had seen the craft which is how I know how low and close it was.

Submitted by Jess