Disembodied Scream

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts


OCTOBER 1, 2021

My cousin and I were having a smoke on my apartment balcony one evening as we often did. Not long after lighting up, we were mid-conversation when interrupted by a disembodied scream right between us. I heard it in my right ear, he heard it in his left… The scream sounded like someone who was completely hoarse or unable to fully get the sound out, but as if they were trying to shout at full volume. The entirety of it lasted maybe 2 seconds in total, but my cousin and I immediately gave each other a look and somehow both knew to ignore what had happened. We paused in that moment and then continued conversation. Not even 5 minutes later I passed out and he had to catch me before my head hit the floor. We never spoke about the scream in the moment, but a year later we talked about what we had both experienced, and he confirmed that he 100% heard it too right before I passed out.

Submitted by Raye