Sentient Triangle UFO

Classic UFO


MARCH 2011

There is a field next to Rt. 24 in Bowdoinham which was, in 2011, a hayfield but is now occupied by Stonecipher Farm. It’s on my normal commute to and from work in Brunswick. I was driving home from my shift at the bakery one day, around three in the afternoon. It was overcast, but bright. I came around the corner and saw a red triangle of light sitting just above the treeline at the edge of the field. It was a perfect equilateral triangle, maybe five or six feet on each side, made up of one red light at each corner and a white light in the center, but so bright that they all melded together to form a solid triangle of light. I could not see any physical features of a craft, only this intense light that seemed somehow contained, like a laser beam. It did not light up the trees below. I stopped my car in the middle of the road to stare. It sat perfectly still, just above the trees. The trees below did not move. It made no sound whatsoever and the natural sounds of the field around it seemed somehow muted. There were no people around, though this sighting took place in a neighborhood in broad daylight. It almost seemed like an insulated pocket of time. Everything was almost frozen. Then the triangle of light began to move. Still, it made no sound and the trees below it did not move. As I watched, it moved slowly along the treeline toward the road. Once it reached the midway point, dead center above the yellow lines, it began to move away from me, following the slight shifts in the lines minutely. It did not rotate when it began to move away, just maintained that perfect triangular shape. I put my car back into gear and followed the light. It moved so slowly that I had to keep my foot on the brake. I followed it northward, through a tunnel of trees. It stayed just above them and maintained a steady pace. We moved through several curves in the road, me watching it through the branches, maybe a hundred feet behind it. When the trees opened back up it stopped, still dead center in the road. This sounds a bit nuts, but I felt like the triangle was sentient and it suddenly noticed that I was there, following it. It hovered for maybe thirty seconds, utterly silent and motionless, then shot off to the east over the Kennebec River so quickly that it literally winked out of existence over the horizon before I could draw a breath. I thought that things only disappeared in a wink of light like that in cartoons until I saw it myself. I was dumbfounded and just sat there for a few seconds in the middle of the road. I shouldn’t have because I was in kind of a dangerous spot and people travel so quickly on this road, but I was stunned. Then I just… put the car in gear and drove home. I was less than a minute from my house. This was my first ufo experience. I have seen one since then, a few miles away, but it was a brief encounter.

Submitted by Anonymous