Menacing Red Light

Classic UFO



I submitted one other ufo story, which took place on Rt. 24 in Bowdoinham in 2011. This is my second encounter. I was working second shift in Freeport and was driving home from work at about one in the morning. This stretch of Rt. 24 is pitch black. There are no street lights and most people turn their porch lights off at night. The houses are mostly set back from the road so it feels very isolated. It is all woods and fields, very rural. I came up to the intersection of Rt. 24 and White Rd., which is sort of a three-way intersection with a triangle of grass in the middle. I was driving north, toward Richmond. I saw this sort of oblong of red light sitting just above the pine trees on the other side of the intersection. It was completely still and silent. It sounds melodramatic but the phrase that comes to mind when I picture this light is “a baleful eye.” It was a darker red than the triangular ufo I saw, and a different shape, but so similar in the way that the light was incredibly bright but somehow contained. I slowed my car for a moment, in shock, but then I got creeped out. Something about this light was menacing in a way that the triangle was not. And it was so dark and so late at night. I said “Nope! I am not going to die today.” and sped away toward home, looking over my shoulder the whole way, worrying that it was just above my car where I couldn’t see it. I thought about the speed and silence with which the other ufo had moved and I was terrified, but this one stayed put and was quickly out of sight. I stopped to look at the spot the next day on my way to work, but there was nothing there. Just the trees, like normal. Those trees are all dead and dry now. All of the trees around it are healthy, but the ones in that spot are all dead. It could be (and probably is) completely unrelated, but it has an ominous vibe and I sometimes wonder if the light caused it. I was afraid of open sky for a long time after this sighting. It sounds so dramatic, but this light made me feel like a small prey animal. I still get a little nervous sometimes, years later.

Submitted by Anonymous