Greenwater Cryptid



MAY 20, 2023

Back in May of 2023 me and 3 friends all left to go on a 1 night camping trip. We went out to Green Water in Washington State. It’s about 40 minutes east of Auburn WA. Getting there was no hassle and neither was unpacking our tents and chairs. I made a joke to one of my friends talking about how “I hope big foot doesn’t come for us.” But boy if I knew saying that would put us in this anxiety filled situation, probably wouldn’t have joked about it. It’s about 8pm now and the sun has set, we are cooking food on our grill and all just hanging out when we starting hearing a grunting? But this grunting sounds so close yet so far, so loud yet so quiet that it’s not a sound we thought a human could make. We chopped it up to wolves, or coyotes, and continued on with our night.

About an hour later me and my friend I originally made the joke to were sitting side by side on the ground, it’s about to hit 10pm at this point and we only have one lamp left, one person went to bed so the remainder of us all decided to go smoke in our hot box tent. while we’re all sitting we can feel the ground just shaking underneath us, but it wasn’t like an earth quack or a tree falling, these were like foot steps being taken, BIG foot steps being taken and close enough to the point the drinks in our cups were going side to side, and when you sat still enough and put your hand out, you can see your body shake along with the movement of the ground. Then that damn moaning starts up again but sounds a little closer then last time.

Me and the remainder of everybody awake book it to the sleeping tent, and just go to bed as fast as we can. We felt as though maybe this wasn’t something human, but something dangerous that shouldn’t be messed with or seen. There was no way what we felt or heard could’ve possibly been made by a human of any size neither a bear, we came to the conclusion that the sounds didn’t sound animalistic or humanistic at all.

To whatever entity or being was out there In the forest with us, I hope we never meet again. I’m sorry for intruding on your territory, but I hope to never hear and feel your steps or voice again.

Submitted by Lacey B