Endless Mountains Cryptid

Cryptoids, Straight Up Ghosts


JULY 15, 2011

My girlfriend & I were up at my hunting cabin in the Endless Mountains region on Pennsylvania. There is a small lake where you can rent a boat, not far from the cabin. In the middle of the afternoon we decided to drive over and go fishing for a few hours. We were traveling down a typical country road of the area. Paved, two lanes, with dairy farms, corn fields & farm houses on both sides. Suddenly I saw something crossing the road about 100 yards from us. It appeared to be about 7-8 feet tall, extremely skinny, wearing all white, with a white veil over its head. It walked across the street in long strides, dangling its arms down by its side, with its wrists cupped backwards. It reached the other side of the street, which was a large open field, but our view was temporarily blocked by a thin hedgerow of trees & shrubs. When we reached the field it had crossed into, the being had vanished. It should be mentioned, it did not cross near the hedgerow, only that the trees temporarily blocked our view. Upon seeing that it vanished, my girlfriend & I were silent for a second, and then turned to each other at the same time saying “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT!?!”. The hair on my arms stood up immediately. Later that night, still a bit shaken up from the experience, I was using the restroom in our cabin. The curtains were closed, and I heard a *tap…………….tap……tap* on the window. There are no trees or things that hang off of the cabin, to make that noise. I refused to open the shades. My girlfriend and I slept with a loaded shotgun next to the bed that night.

Submitted by Adam N