Prairie Experience

High Weirdness, Thin Places, Time Distortions, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


JUNE 18, 2023


I dont know how id make this up.

This story is 100% real.

We were taking a roadtrip from Virginia to New Mexico since we were moving. My dad drove the moving truck, and the rest of us were in a car. It was sunset and felt very magical as we approached the Oklahoma/northern Texas border. Before reaching the border, we saw these weird helix shaped shadows in the sky and they were rotating. No chance of them being a tornado since there werent any thunderstorms. Not a cloud in the sky. No chances of dust devils either since they werent windy. We drove on extremely confused and nearly hit a mountain lion crossing the road. We were completely shook. We ended up crossing the border, and about 2 minutes after crossing i started to get emotional. It wasnt a sadness but more of a feeling like i was returning home. I started crying and began to feel tingly in my head and stomach. It felt as if something was leaving and being replaced in me. We pulled over at a gas station with a view of the plains. I got out and started having visuals of snakes and began thinking about the natives. It felt like their presence was with me. I said out loud “I need to go out there” and almost walked out into the prairie. It was like i was being called out there. I went to the car and one of my family members was having a bloody nose. My dad also couldnt get the gas pumps to work. I got back in the car, and starting having bad anxiety. I felt reborn. We spend the night in Amarillo and i didnt get a single minute of sleep. Ive felt different ever since.

Submitted by Mj