Moving Phone

High Weirdness, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


MARCH 8, 2023

I was listening to to the podcast Penny Royal, season 1 episode 5 called Green Men. The episode was about the area of Mammoth caves so I googled pictures of mammoth caves to look at while I listened to the podcast. I was laying in bed with the light off like I usually do at night. I had my phone plugged in to the charger that is plugged in to the wall behind the head of my bed. Eventually I started to fall asleep. As I was falling asleep the pictures of mammoth caves started to change. I started seeing scary robed figures and giant eyes staring at me.

I didn’t wake up all night which is pretty unusual for me. After I was awake I was feeling around for my phone and couldn’t feel it anywhere. I was about to stand up thinking that the phone could have ended up under me as I move my foot out of bed, my toes kicked something out of bed. It was my phone! This might not sound strange, but listen. I always plug my phone in at night and it’s always at the head of the bed. I have never ever had my phone end up anywhere near my feet, let alone right at my toes.

Submitted by Kristen C.