Telepathic Communicating Orb of Light

High Weirdness



In 1977 I was 7 years old. In my bedroom I had fitted wardrobes with sliding doors along the length of the room.

On the right-hand side it enclosed a chest of drawers with toys and books in, in the centre, the sliding doors covered the chimney breast and my dartboard was situated here and on the left-hand side my clothes were on a rail and my shoes on the floor. I also had a clock radio that was at the time state of the art.
One night, I woke up to see a floating hazy ball of white light. I sat up and looked at it for a while, before via telepathy it communicated to me to follow it. From my memory it was about 1am.

I got out of bed and it floated into the left-hand side of the wardrobe. I followed it in and moved some shoes around to make a space and sat down. It asked me to draw the door closed which I did. It then proceeded to dart around in this small space before splitting in to two and performing a co-ordinated dance which I was fascinated by.

During this I completely lost track of time, eventually the show stopped and it said “goodbye, see you again, you can get back in to bed now” at no point did I ever feel worried, in fact I felt very secure.
I felt out of sorts but returned to my bed checking my clock radio and approx 2hrs had passed.

I never experienced this again, and sometimes wonder if I was dreaming, but, I know for sure that I got out and in my bed and this memory has stuck with me until this day and I often think about it.

Submitted by Guy