Mysterious Presence

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts


2021 (APPROX.)

The year was 2021 and I was, just as everyone else, locked up and doing home office. I live in an oldish part of town–this house is about 70 years old, with some history to it. As far as I know, two people have died on the property, but I’m pretty sure that there have been others. So, there we were, my dog and I, sitting in the living room, minding our own business when suddenly I see a flash of color “walk” across the living room. I was reading in a corner, and the “presence” made me look up. At the same moment, my dog also looked up and turned to where the presence was.

The figure seemed to have come from a wall that connects the neighboring house. It sped past the stairs, made a turn, and went through the hallway that leads to the front door.

And that was it.

Strange, but not the least bit scary, until…

About a week later, the dog trainer comes over and as he’s walking through the hall, he seems to shiver. And he asks us if we have ever had any strange things happen.

Before I could answer, my daughter says no, and asks him– why the question?

He says: I thought I saw something.

Flash forward to the following week.

A couple I’ve never seen before, knock on the door. They seem nervous and are kind of giggling and trying to say something. They finally ask me if I am the owner of the house and how long I’ve lived there. I say no, I rent the place. And that I’ve been there for about 5 years. Again the question, why do you ask?
So lady goes on to say that she was walking by one afternoon and she encounters a young woman standing at the door, sobbing. The lady asked if she needed any help, to which the young woman answered that she needed her to knock on the door ( my door) and tell “them” that she is ok, and that they shouldn’t cry for her anymore.

The woman knocked on the door, but there was no one home. When she turned back to the young lady, she noticed that she had walked to the corner, which was only a few steps away, stood there a moment, then disappeared. Apparently, this had happened before I saw the streak of color in the living room. In fact, it happened even before I had moved in. Curiously, this woman had been a neighbor, but had moved away after the incident and had never returned to the neighborhood until now. When she passed by the house again, she decided to knock and deliver the message she had been carrying around for years.

So, dear reader, kindly tell me what the hell you think that was all about. Because, I’m still scratching my head.

Submitted by Claudia CV