Mud Entity

Cryptoids, Strange Animals


2022 – ONGOING

ill start with my most recent find. this thing i haven’t found a name for. he uses the water ways to travel and lives mainly in mud. my hubby and i were building a fence and i noticed a change in the energy. as the day went by you could physically feel the change in energy as we went closer to this lake (Bay Lake) depression sad energy started swirling around. then i saw it. it was about 5’5 ft tall. it looked like a up right sloth (kinda) it had long hairy claws that you could tell were sharp. it was a few shades of brown. the good part is this thing cant go fast. it uses the energy to draw people to him. i dont think hes evil but just a negative entity. this being mixed with the… energy of the area just giving it a boost of power. now im not sure how many of these beings there are. this is the only one ive encounter but i have encounter him a few times now. (we have fenced in a few homes around this lake, and so far we have felt it around one whole side of this lake)

Submitted by Rachel P