Downtown Manhattan Twilight Zone

High Weirdness, Thin Places


MAY 2019

i was going to college in downtown manhattan and walking around city hall park on a warm, electric spring evening. i’ve walked this area probably 100 times, going to and from class since 2016. i know areas have different energies during the day / night, but the feeling and energy that i walked into that night was completely different. the best way i could describe it would be stepping into a parallel dimension of the financial district, it felt what i would assume the twilight zone feels like. specifically that episode where the town goes back in time. the area looked the exact same but it felt like i was walking into a brand new space that i had never been to before. the air was charged differently, not necessarily because of humidity/electricity in the air, but more so an overall energy. my body felt different, it felt like i was moving differently and my body felt lighter. it wasn’t a bad feeling really, but i also have dreams often about new york or other real places on earth that seem like parallel dimensions.

Submitted by attie