Italian Giants

Cryptoids, Mythologies


OCTOBER 25, 2021

Me, my husband and my kid who was 4 years old at the time were having dinner at around 7pm, on the apartment on a second floor. Our dining table is in front of a very large window facing west. It was already dark outside although a clear day. The kid asks suddenly “what are those giants there?”
I see nothing outside the window.
He goes: there are three giants there outside of our windows.
I ask “where exactly?”
He goes” they are standing right there, on the street!” (He points to a small alley that is visible from out window)
I don’t see anything that can resemble a person. I ask ” how big are they?”
He answers “they are there. Can’t you see them? They are bigger than that house .”
I ask for more description and he says they are white, have no mouth, and have a funny hat.

He is now 5 and still remember the giants. I asked a couple of times in similar light/weather conditions to check whether it was a light effect but he has never seen them again either. sometimes he asks when will he see them again.

Submitted by Barbara