Intense Meditation

High Weirdness, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



I was doing a meditation and at my apartment in this building, Id never felt so compelled to meditate as that night. I was fully sober just breathing and meditating for calm not for any spiritual journeys. Next theng I know it feels like Ive left my body and Im in what seems like another place with these fully white beings smiling at me. I could feel them and as one approached me it reached right into my pelvis while smiling. I felt the pain and couldn’t pull away. It felt like they left something in me and that area of my body has hurt for 3 years now. Only when I stopped denying it was real and learned “reiki” which I didnt particularly believe in or disbelieve in, did it finally stop hurting. I still don’t know why they did that whatever thew were or how I got there but I felt my spirit drop to my body. It was the most intense thing.

Submitted by Jordan