Frightening Experience (CW: Self-harm, Suicidality)

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



One day while my life was going very well, I came home to my apartment in this building where I had many strange experiences. I got home and all of a sudden became consumed with the most intense grief/depression/pain I had ever felt. I still dont know how it led to this but, I almost hypnotically got on the ledge of my 9th floor apartment and as I stood there completely ready to jump, an intense calm came over me an I thought “If I jump, I wont die- Ill just be really badly injured. Without any alarm I climbed down and as I closed my Windows everything became clear and I freaked out not knowing why that had happened. I thought I was having some strange psychotic break. I called some friends and they calmed me down, I also found a counselor and just addressed my own issues without discussing the event. Within a couple days a strange meighbor I knew approached me, she always said that strange things happened in that building. She asked me if I heard about the guy next door. I said no. She discussed how on the same day (I had not told her the story) around the same time a man in the building next door climbed on his room and jumped. I was intensely freaked and reacted with panic in front of her to which she responded “Oh sweetie dont worry he didn’t die, he just hurt himself really badly” – I was terrified and told her everything. She was not surprised.

Submitted by Jordan