White River

Mythologies, Straight Up Ghosts


1999 (APPROX.)

4th grade classroom desk slides across the floor at least a few feet. Stories of the school being haunted. Ghost stories in all parts of this little town i grew up in. Just across the state highway is Rosebud Reservation. There’s a weekly world news article about old Sioux warriors killing or finding a devil skull with horns. These days it seems believable. Native stories of Deerwoman and giants. I lived outside of the town on some land that happened to be very active and would hear footsteps and objects moving around. Even find arrowhead shaped rocks outside after the rain. I would have bad dreams and my brother would hear things moving in his closet and once felt his pillow press in like someone sat next to him. I’ve also had my game system turn off and the TV after. Dogs barking at nothing. Weird shadow sightings and noises on outside of home. Other ghost stories around town in older homes, especially along the river. Faces and voices in the trees by the river and haunted homes. Paranormal place for sure, the whole state and history, caves, springs, badlands, black hills, the lakota.

Submitted by “Dirt Bath”