Field of (Weird) Dreams

Visions, Dreams, Etc.


2013 (APPROX.)

Shortly after moving to this location as a child I had a dream about something coming from the woods in this spot. I was in the field, but I wasn’t myself. I was also a younger girl with an older brother (in reality this is switched) and we had been racing around in a cart and it had tipped in the center of the field. While we were on the ground recovering from the fall I looked up and from the tree line a dark shape was moving towards us. I remember feeling afraid and like it was wolves or something bad coming at us and my brother getting in front of me to try and protect me from it. I then woke up with chills and just an overall bad feeling. This dream hasn’t been repeated but when family comes over and want to “explore” they are drawn to this area. I have also always had a bad feeling when in the area, but I don’t know if it is informed by the dream.

Submitted by Kendall M