White/Blue Light

Classic UFO, High Weirdness, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


FALL 2020

I was lying awake in bed for maybe half an hour thinking about telepathic contact and various meditation techniques when I felt the need to use the restroom one last time before going to sleep. I felt very relaxed and at peace with the night, sending some positive thank-you’s into the cosmos while I was looking out the bathroom window. When I returned to my bedroom and closed the door, the entire room became filled with a white and blue light. I wasn’t immediately startled but I did recognize a sort of “illumination of my periphery” that I’d been occasionally experiencing during brief moments of connection. I turned around toward the bedroom window to identify the source of the light and through the blinds I could see an immense ball of white/blue light slowly moving across the window. At first my sleepy mind registered the light as a car headlight because of our street’s occasional late night drivers, however as I kept watching I realized a few things: the light was coming from only one source instead of two headlights, the light was at eye-level for me looking through a 2nd-story window, and the slow-moving light was completely silent as it passed. Also, the light had to be somehow facing my window to bathe the room like that; passing car headlights always faced forward and moved much faster with at least some kind of audible sound. As I was putting the pieces together in my mind, I felt that oddly-comforted sensation common in many UFO reports: a recognition of friendliness. I smiled and got back into bed.

Submitted by Swan D