Gifts of the Fae

High Weirdness, Mythologies



One day at work it was really gloomy & gross but it was the perfect conditions for mushrooms to grow, and as a result infront of my job a fairy circle (for those who don’t know or refer to it as something else a fairy circle is just a bunch of mushrooms that grew in a circle) has appeared and me and my coworker went to go check it out since we had just closed. I’ve always been a big fan of mushrooms so i went and got in the center of the circle & asked my coworker to take a pic of me in it but when she noticed where i was standing immediately her demeanor changed. she told me her dad has done lots of work with the fae & that it can potentially be a bad thing to stand in their circle especially if you don’t bring gifts for them. i actually HAD left some gifts for the fairy’s at my house because i had a problem with some of our little items going missing, mostly lighters, so i jokingly said “ok well i’m just going to ask these fairy’s to give me back my lighters since i left gifts to the other ones” and she laughed and we went back inside. i went to my purse to grab my headphones and on top of everything in my purse was a lighter i had lost at my house the month earlier and ever since then i leave little gifts for them all the time.

Submitted by Mara