“Chupacabra” Sighting



MAY 2017 (APPROX.)

It’s a pretty short and simple story and it’s unclear if what we saw is what we think it was. Me and my brother were driving to our high school’s journalism banquet at around 6:30 in the evening. We looked over into the field next to the highway and saw something that looked canine in the field, we immediately assumed it was a Chupacabra. It was almost a greenish gray-black color and seemed way too large to be just a dog or a coyote. It also seemed hairless or very very short haired. Me and my brother both had a weird and uncomfortable feeling when looking at it. It unsettled us and we were almost afraid to get out of the car even though we were several miles down the road from it when we got to our location.

Submitted by Kendall M