BVM at the Donut Shop

High Weirdness, Mythologies, Straight Up Ghosts


AUGUST 17, 2022

This is hard to explain but I met the Virgin Mary at an Irvine donut shop. She approached me completely silently and neither my friend nor the donut guy noticed her. She got my attention with a single word and walked up to me without making a sound. I didn’t even know she was there until she chose to get my attention. When I turned to look at her, my first thing I thought was “Is this the Virgin Mary?” Her clothes were modern, at least as far as I could tell but did evoke that sort of look. She was young, maybe 18? Carrying a child, which I had this brief thought wondering if that was even a real baby. I didn’t see the face, just a leg sticking out of the cloth wrap she used for carrying. She held up a cardboard sign asking for money and I gave her five dollars. Part of what made this weird was, I give a lot of money to unhoused people, beggars, or whatever else. But she didn’t fit any of those encounters I’ve had. She had a perfect serenity. Did not say more than one word. Left as quietly as she came. And didn’t ask my friend for money either. By the time I looked away, she vanished. I even checked outside cause a person soliciting would normally move on to people near by, but she was no where in sight. This could be a big coincidence but, its a very notable one if it is.

Submitted by Karin