Dark Gumby

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts, Time Distortions, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



A neighbor of mine that moved in was experimenting with dark magic. I know this because he told my wife and I. My wife practices as well, but is more balanced. When my neighbor learned this (my wife and her practice), he started asking for help because he felt a dark entity was following him. This man was former military and fought in Afghanistan – he was EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) and was heavily traumatized from his service. He is an amazing human being and we love him.

So, upon him initially moving in, I started experiencing a lot more shadow entities in our home. Because of my wife’s practice, it’s not completely unusual to experience these once in a while, but these other ones were different and happened every night. They were VERY negative. I would wake up throughout the night and see them moving around along with being extremely fearful. My children and I were experiencing a lot more nightmares. We took precautions and set up protection, which helped a bit.

We eventually moved out and on moving day I spent a couple hours cleaning up after my family left. After finishing, I explained to this thing that it was not allowed to follow us. As I walked to my car, I looked up to my children’s old bedroom window and saw a massive dark human-like figure standing there staring at me. It was at least 8-feet tall – I know because it’s “head” was bent down like it was hunching over to fit in the room and we had 8-foot ceilings. The dimensions of the entity were human-like but had differences. The shoulders were much more broad and the appendages were more thick. It was like what the cartoon character “Gumby” looked like, without the weird square-ish head and with shoulders.

The most unique part of this experience was how I saw this creature. I received a mental picture – it was super bizarre. It felt like if you took a picture and jumped into it simultaneously with what was happening… like time wasn’t necessarily relevant, but the entity was most definitely there.

A couple months later, my son told me about a reoccurring dream he had while we were living there. I never told him any of the experiences I had while we were living there (he was 6 and I didn’t want to scare him). He described the same entity I saw coming to him in dreams. He was experiencing these dreams at the same time I was experiencing the increase in shadows around the house, and never experienced them again after we moved.

This was all happening before our neighbor told us he thought something was following him. We never told him about it (at least I didn’t) and simply made adjustments to defend ourselves and our home from whatever it was after we found out what he was experiencing.

Submitted by Ryan A