Dark Energy

Straight Up Ghosts, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



While living in a home in Thornbury that used to be an inn/brothel my wife and I experienced a very dark energy. The energy was seen as a shadow figure and also presented herself to us in dreams as a very threatening figure. Her negative energy shifted our own moods at the drop of a pin. Out of no where you would be enraged for no reason at all. One evening I saw the shape of a person under the sheets after my cat alerted me and led me to the room. After getting my wife to see it, the shape was gone. I also had the spirit whispering beside me and felt it try to take control of my body. I experienced many false awakenings while living here. There were multiple people who passed away while living here.

I did confirm on old maps that this property was an Inn…not a far stretch to assume it was a brothel as a few locals whose families lived in the area for decades confirmed it.

Submitted by Charlie