Laundry Lady

Straight Up Ghosts



I was left alone at a new friends house while he ran to the gas station for cigarettes. I couldn’t figure out how to use his remote so was stuck watching General Hospital, which made me think of my grandma. I was kind of lost in my thoughts when motion caught my eye, I looked up and saw an old lady standing in the hallway between bedrooms, holding a laundry basket. I knew my friend had roommates (who were out at the time) but I thought maybe someone’s mom or grandma stopped by to do laundry and I felt that I should explain who I was and why I was there just in case. She didn’t respond and I asked if she wanted to watch TV with me until my friend got back. She just turned and walked through a closed bedroom door. After she “left” I realized that there were no legs, just the upper half of the body and the basket. It wasn’t scary and I don’t think they were even aware that I was there. It was probably residual but I’d like to think she was drawn out by the soap opera.

Submitted by Jocalope