Miami Doppelganger

Dark Forces, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



Summer of 1998 I was a sophomore at the University of Miami. I lived in a home in Kendall a suburb of Miami alone at the time and would often come home later in the afternoon/evening after my class and work schedule. One evening I came home early as I was getting ready to go out for the evening with friends. While walking around the house, as I waited for my shirt to finish from the dryer, I heard a crashing sound on the other side of the home. As I lived alone I thought that potentially someone may have been trying to break into my home.

When I walked over to the other side of the home, I could not find the source of the loud noise, I looked all over and I could not determine where the sound came from. For clarity my living room sat at the far end of the home and had two sliding glass doors. One of the doors led directly to my back door patio while the other sliding glass door faced an atrium area that was semi enclosed that directly faced into my bedroom. My bedroom had a sliding glass door as well that looked into this enclosed atrium. I include these details as they are directly tied to what I experienced.

As I could not find the source of the loud crash I heard I proceeded to sit down on my couch in my living room and caught something on the periphery of my vision towards the sliding glass door that faced the atrium. I got up to look through the sliding glass door to see what caught my eye and I was faced with the creepiest sight. Looking directly across the atrium I could see into my bedroom and I saw what can only be described as myself going through the motions of getting dressed. I saw a copy of myself grabbing clothes from the closet putting on my shirt and pants and grabbing a pair of socks. I was stunned at the sight and could just stare quietly.

At one point the other me looked like they were about to walk out of my bedroom and switch off the lights, but instead it paused at the door and proceeded to turn around to face the sliding glass door that looked across the atrium to the living room. It moved to the sliding glass door and stared straight at me. I was shocked and was able to confirm that it was an exact copy of me down to the way my hair was cut as well as the stubble on my face. It stared directly at me and proceeded to smile, at that moment a sense of dread and terror filled me and I felt like I was in serious danger. The copy then turned and proceeded to walk out of my bedroom and close the door. I heard the door audibly close from where I was standing in my living room and that made the terror even worse as I knew it was not a hallucination but potentially an actual person in my home.

I grabbed a kitchen knife and proceeded to rush to my bedroom. But by the time I had got to the room there was nothing there. I searched my entire house and could not find any trace of anyone in my home. Two strange things I did find though was that when I got to my bedroom the door was open and the lights were off. Both of which was not what I saw from my vantage point from the living room. I don’t know if I caught a glimpse of an apparition or some other type of a phenomenon. However, I will say that that was only the first of the strange experiences I had in that home while I lived there. The home is currently owned by my brother who has not had any experiences since I moved out in 2010 so I don’t know if I may have been the conduit of the experiences.

Submitted by Jorge R