Unexpected Turn-around

Thin Places, Time Distortions



I was driving to work early one morning (about 5:30 am), there is a large industrial area on my way. Up ahead, I saw what looked like a road blockage of some sort, lots of vehicles stopped, I could see their tail lights in the darkness. I didn’t want to be late so I turned off on a side street that is a u shaped street on the map to go around the traffic . It’s a little country road with mostly pastures and farm lands. I drive for about 10 minutes on this road, only to end up in the exact same spot that I started from. Mind you, this road is just a horseshoe shaped road, it has no other roads feeding into it. Stranger still was the fact that there were no other cars on the road, no cars anywhere to be seen. It was a glitch in the matrix moment that shook me for weeks.

Submitted by “Small Town Girl”