Plotter Kill Falls

Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Strange Animals, Thin Places


OCTOBER 25, 2019

Over several visits, bringing different fellow-hikers each time, all have corroborated strange goings-on at the falls, particularly at night. On the first visit, my companion spotted a shadow cat cozying by her leg. That same visit, as the sun began to set, we were overcome with an overwhelming feeling of not being “alone.” I heard a sound, much like a “wookie” sound, at eye-level and within ten yards. Nothing was there, certainly something large enough to have made the sound, and only thin young trees were in the region. We were followed out by an oddly mechanical bird-tweet sound that always remained just out of sight in the brush, the sole sound in the forest, dogging our progress toward the car.

I later returned with folks who were paranormal/adventure types, and we went deliberately after dark. Close to the falls, I and multiple companions saw lights/orbs, often in the upper trees close to the falls itself. Despite their experience, all felt a creeping dread, and insisted on turning back.

I would warn anybody who visits the falls at night to take extreme caution. Losing the trail markers is extremely hazardous, as the deeper trails involve fording small brooks, and there are coyotes in the region. There is an intersection early into the trail, one taking you down wooden stairs, and the other heading toward the falls. The wooden stairs and the land beyond is hazardous, while the path near the falls is wide and obvious.

Submitted by Benjamin B