Ghost Car

High Weirdness



I was driving by myself at night, lost, was trying to meet friends. I saw the name of the road I had mistakenly ended up on-Furnace Road, and thought of Freddie Kruger. I passed a juvenile prison, the moon was bright and shining on the prison windows, a large old brick, crepy building. At that time, I wandered if they were teenage devil worshippers locked up in there, looking at the moon out the barred windows. I turned around in the parking lot, realized I was not going the right way. Driving back the way I came, cow fields on both sides. A car approaches from the opposite direction, and swerves in front of me to block both lanes. It was a 50s hot rod type car, like a Nova, light blue. I didn’t know what to do, the other car was idling there, blocking my path, I could see no person driving, although my headlights were shining at it. I quickly put my car in reverse, and made a fast 3 point turn, my wheels dropping into a shallow ditch as I did. I punched it to get out of there, driving back past the juvie prison. The old car had turned it’s lights off at some point, and followed me right up on my bumper. I was speeding as fast as I could to get away, we passed the prison and went down twisty curvy road, I could hear the car right on my tail. The road ended up at a traffic light on a familiar busy road, I had to stop at the light, and panicked as I looked in !y rear view again, but I saw only my tail lights glowing red. There was no car, it had disappeared. There are no turn offs that it could’ve turned. I could hear it and see it right behind me the whole way, right up on me, then poof- gone. The thing that bothered me at the time was, how did the driver initially know I was alone- to block the road like that? How did they know I wasn’t 4 huge football players that would jump out and fight them? I was convinced it was a ghost car.

Submitted by Erin M